Paranormalcy: Kiersten White

Occasionally there will  be a book that just jumps out and surprises you with how unexpectedly good it is.  Paranormalcy is that sort of book.

General Summary: Evie works for the IPCA (International Paranormal Containment Agency) think INTERPOL meets Ghost Busters.  To sum it up bluntly, Evie helps protect the world from the creepy weird.  Quite the job for a sixteen-year-old.  But Evie’s not your average teenage girl.

Review: This book really surprised me in a good way.  I was a bit unsure when I bought it because I have this phobia when it comes to any fae/fairy related book.  But luckily for me faes weren’t the primary focus of the book.  Rather, it was about Evie and her discovering who and exactly what she is. Though that doesn’t mean that the paranormal universe in White’s book wasn’t fleshed out.  No.  White did a beautiful job when it came to creating Evie’s world.   I also  loved the love interest in the book.  Lend was absolutely dreamy even though we don’t know exactly how he looks like.

Best Feature: Paranormal diversity.  White weaves together various paranormal creatures effortlessly.  While the different mythologies of the creatures are kept separate, Kiersten distinguishes each specie as its own.  Also, its nice to see the species relate to each other in a realistic way.  I particularly liked  Evie’s relationship with her mermaid friend, Lish.

Worst Feature: Quirkiness.  Though for the most part I loved this aspect of the book, Evie got to be a little too much at times with her naivety.  Though, given her background I can forgive her for this.

Blockbuster Worthy: Yeah, I sort of got Men in Black meets Buffy vibes here.  So yeah, a movie or TV series I’d totally go for it and it has been option so there is a possibility that one day we will see it on the big screen.  Here’s who I’d currently cast for the main roles:

Evie: Diana Agron.  Though I haven’t seen her in a role that’s as perky as Evie is described to be, she does have the Evie look.  At the very least she could pull off Evie’s sister.

Lend: Anyone you want.  Today I’m having a Penn Badgley day.  If I change my mind tomorrow though there’s plenty of guys out there who could be potential Lends.  The only criteria is that he’s hot from the inside out.  I chose Penn, in part for my random Lend pick because he the sort of warm smile that I think of when I think of Lend.  Plus, I think he suits the look that Lend wears most of the time.

Lorethen: I’m thinking Zach Efron (from High School Musical era) for some reason.  I personally think it’s the hair.  Zach now wouldn’t fit the role so much but back then yes.  Another choice would be Robert Pattinson he already plays a creepy paranormal dude that a girl swoons over despite the fact she knows  he’s deadly and not good for her.

Overall Rating: Seven out of ten stakes.


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