The Gathering: Kelley Armstrong

I am a fan of Kelley Armstrong’s Darkest Powers series.  So when I heard she was writing a spin off to those books I was like why not and decided to pick myself up a copy of The Gathering.  For all fans of the Darkest Powers series, be forewarned the books are related, but you’re not going to see Chloe  or any of her friends making any cameo appearances in The Gathering.

General Summary: Maya has a pretty sweet life.  She has loving adopted parents, great friends, and a town that she loves.  However, as content as Maya’s life is there are some things bothering her.  Like, the death of her best friend Serena.  Life gets even more complicated when the new guy in town is strangely attracted to her.

Review: I thought The Gathering was a pretty strong start to what will undoubtedly be a great trilogy.  Maya was a pretty strong voice that was very different from Chloe, yet she was still very likable.   I found her interest in nature to be particularly interesting.  And original.  It’s not like you get many YAL main characters these days who are interested in animals unless they’re werewolves.  Speaking of werewolves, there were none here like in the Darkest Powers series, but  Armstrong does add a little bit of the paranormal to Maya’s woodsy friends.

Best Feature: Native Culture. Not only does Armstrong rely on Native legends to supplement the paranormal world in the book, but she also explores Native identity/culture in the modern world with Maya’s past.

Worst Feature: Small Town Stupidity.  Sad to say there was a bit of it here.  Seriously, you’d think that more of the citizens of Vancouver Island would be a bit more suspicious of their employer.  My guess is that a few of them might know more than they’re letting on.

Blockbuster Worthy: Duh.  Of course it is.  There’s enough action in this book for a  summer blockbuster.  Here are my picks.

Maya: An unknown.  Out of al the Native/Native looking actress I know of/saw pictures of on IMBD, I can’t find one that really fits how I see Maya.  Julia Jones is probably the closet one I saw, but since I already casted one Twilight Saga person for this book and since she seems a little too old to play Maya, I think an unknown would be better.

Rafe: Taylor Lautner. He played a wolf and I think he can man it up to play Rafe.  It also helps that he can pass for either being Native or Latino.

Daniel: Brandon Buddy.  I can totally see him playing Daniel.  He can play protective best friend pretty well.

Overall: Eight out of Ten paw prints.


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