The Goddess Test: Aimee Carter

The myth of Persephone and Hades is probably one of the more famous Greek myths.  For those who don’t know the backstory basically Hades (God of Death) kidnaps Persephone and takes her the underworld intending on making her his wife.  Meanwhile, her mother Demeter (Goddess of Agriculture) throws a huge fit about it-the world goes barren with her grief- and this eventually  gets Zeus (king of the gods) to go over to Hades’ place and ask the god to return Persephone to her mom.  Only there’s a catch because Persephone ate some pomegranate seeds she has to spend a portion of her time in the underworld with Hades each year.  The myth to say the least is rather controversial, for many reasons, and there have been several adaptions over the years.  Including Aimee Carter’s  The Goddess Test.

General Summary: As one of her mother’s final wishes, Kate Winters moves from NYC to her mom’s hometown.  To say the least, Kate is not impressed.  Especially after she makes a bargain with a strange mysterious boy that requires her to live in his house, isolated from the rest of the world, for six months.  This strange boy happens to be Hades (God of the underworld, though he’s going by the name Henry now). And if Kate can succeed she’ll be a goddess herself.

Review: There were parts of this book that I really loved.  I thought the general idea was pretty brilliant, it also doesn’t help that I’m a bit biased since I love Greek mythology.  However, the book just seemed to drag as the plot developed.  I think a part of this was a lack of action with a title like The Goddess Test, I expected there to be a little more emphasis on the test aspect of the book.

Best Feature: Murder Mystery Plot.  Though there’s not an actual murder in this book, save for the prologue, Kate is trying to figure out whose trying to kill her throughout the book which gives the book a dark and creepy feel which I like.

Worst Feature: Lack of action.  As previously stated, large parts of this book dragged on with little to no action.

Blockbuster Worthy: Maybe.  The general concept is good, but the lack of action is going to kill the movie unless they do one big montage sequence throughout it.  Actually, they’d probably have to do a couple. Here’s who I’d cast:

Kate: Emma Roberts would be great I think.  She has that girl next door look, but at the same time can play strong characters.

Henry: Honestly, Henry is probably the hardest character to cast.  I can’t think of anyone off of the top of my head that would do him justice.  Some might argue that this guy might be perfect for the role given that he is currently king of the undead.  But no.  Henry deserves more than Mr. Sparkely can offer.

Ava: Resse Witherspoon, via Election, would have made for the perfect Ava.  Alas, Resse has grown up and is no longer age appropriate for the role.  However, Lea Michele makes for an excellent second choice-and yeah, I know she’s not blonde.  But it’s attitude people.

Diana: Felicity Huffman.  I just see her playing this role for some reason.  Maybe because he character on Desperate Housewives is strong willed and she has dealt with characters suffering from serious diseases as well.

James: I have such a vivid picture of James.  No actor really does do him justice.  Though perhaps Austin Williams could play him.  Though he’d definitely would have to bleach his hair.

Overall rating: Six out of ten laurels.


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