Abandon: Meg Cabot

Well, it’s beginning to look a lot like Greek mythology week at YAL Book Briefs.  Truth is, originally it was supposed to be.  However, since finals have gotten the best of me and postings will be sporadic at best between now and May 9th (though I still intend to post for Series Saturday after this) it’s more like two books that are Greek/Persephone related this week.

General Summary: The past few years have not been good for Pierce.  Besides almost dying, she has literally became a social pariah of sorts and her parents have decided to divorce (in large part because of the incident that occurred to Pierce, a.k.a. she almost died because of her inattentive dad).  Obviously, Pierce isn’t happy when she has to spend her last year in high school in her mom’s old home town especially because he’s always there.

Review: I liked this book.  I really liked this book.  A lot of reviews I have read had issues with the flashbacks in the book, believing that it held back present action.  And this was true to a degree, but I really liked the flashbacks.  They reminded me of the digging deeper exercise that I was forced to endure in college in my creative writing class.  The flashbacks really gave the reader a good understanding of Pierce.  Although, admittedly I do think Cabot probably could have spent a little more time in the present.  There were a lot of things that weren’t fully fleshed out, but I guess that’s why the book is meant to be the first part of a trilogy.

Best Feature: John.  Meg always writes amazing heros and John is no exception.  He’s a little darker and more brooding then your typical Cabot hero.  He sort of reminds me of a non-sleazy version of Paul Slater (from Cabot’s The Mediator)  which is a good thing since I enjoyed the character of Paul save for his sleazy bits.  Though I will say that John is superior to Paul, just saying.  And  I liked the sense of mystery we got from him.  And you can just tell things are going to get pretty hot and heavy between him and Pierce in the next few books.

Worst Feature: Balance.  While I appreciate the flashbacks, even loved them,  there really could be a bit more present action in the book.  I think had there been certain aspects of the story that would have been fleshed out a bit more, I could have sunken my teeth a bit deeper into Pierce’s world and have gotten a little better handle at how things go on in her world.  For example, I don’t get why she was deemed to have rage issues.  Yes, there were incidents in the past.  But they can’t directly connect them to her and the circumstances surrounding that particular incident that she got expelled over.  Well, personally  I’d be okay with her having rage issues over that particular incident.  Anyway, Pierce is not punching people left and right like Jessica Mastriani or getting into all the sorts of trouble like Suze Simon got into, yet she’s treated like some sort of  insane criminal at  her new school.  I think some more present action with Pierce  would have helped show why she had rage issues and why people act like she’s a ticking time bomb.

Blockbuster Worthy: Maybe.  It is definitely an interesting set up for sure, but I’d like to see how the trilogy develops before I make up my final mind.  But so far it looks good, mainly because of the character John.

Pierce: I think Brittany Underwood would handle the role well.  She looks sort of like the girl on the cover of the book.  Plus, she can definitely act like a sweet but troubled girl.

John:  Taylor Kitsch.  Yeah, age wise it’s sort of pushing it.  But he sort of has the John look about him, especially when he has longish looking hair.

Mr. Mueller:  It was a small role, but I just kept seeing Matthew Morrison in this role throughout reading this book.  Perhaps, he is being typecast as the cute teacher.  Though I don’t think his character on Glee would act like Mueller does in the book. At least I hope not.

Pierce’s mom: Florencia Lozano.  I think she just looks the part to play Pierce’s mom. Whose role, I think, due to the myth could be expanded in the future books.  Then again, I might be wrong because obviously  I’m not  the great Meg Cabot.

Overall Rating: Eight Six out of ten laurels.  I think once all the books are published the rating could definitely be pushed to a nine or quite possibly a ten.  But as of now, there were a few bothersome things about the book.  But it was enjoyable, so enjoyable that I read it all last night despite the fact that at this point in my life I am extremely sleep deprived.


2 thoughts on “Abandon: Meg Cabot

  1. I really enjoyed Abandon and can't wait to read the sequel. John was definitely a highlight of the book. I love Taylor Kitsch and would pay to watch him read from the phone book. :PDiana

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