Oh. My. Gods.: Tera Lynn Childs

Here’s another installment of our quasi Greek week.  As previously stated, Tera Lynn Childs is one of my favorite authors.  I think it’s in part because she writes such sweet relatable characters.  Lily the mermaid, for instance, is just downright adorable, and Phoebe (the heroine of Oh. My. Gods.) is just as enjoyable to read about.  Though instead of having getting adjusted to the normal world, Phoebe has to get adjusted to the paranormal or should I say the mythological world.

General Summary: Phoebe is enjoying her life in sunny Cali.  She’s a senior, is about to get that dream scholarship to her dream school, etc. when he mom drops a bombshell.  She’s getting married and Phoebe’s moving to Greece like it or not for her senior year. There’s a catch though you see the high school Phoebe is attending isn’t just in another country but the kids who attend it are the descendants of the Greek gods.  Yep, gods.

Review: I liked this book.   It was super cute.  It was definitely Greek mythology lite after such books that dealt with Greek myths such as Abandon  and The Goddess Test.  But I really liked Oh. My. Gods I think what appeals about the book is that Phoebe was so relatable.  I also liked trying to figure out each characters god/goddess.  There was one scene in particular that stood out when Nicole was explaining to Phoebe who was related to who in the book.  It was a bit like this, but with mythology.

Best Feature: Lightness.  This book is like a 3 Musketeers bar.  Pure fluff.  After being forced to read some rather heavy subject material,  it was nice to read such a light book.  Also it takes place in Greece, so if your stuck in a study room all day it’s nice to occasionally open this book between breaks and find yourself in an island in the Aegean.

Worst Feature: A little too perfect.  While I liked how everything wrapped up in this book.  It might have been a little too perfect.  Yes, I liked the twist Tera threw in there at the end, but it just made a big part of the book obsolete (I won’t ruin it for those of you who haven’t read the book yet).

Blockbuster Worthy: I think it was optioned a few years ago, though that has long expired.  But yeah, this book could make a great movie.  But it probably would be best as  a TV movie.  One of those cute, fluffy, if a wee bit embarrassing ones you’d permanently  DVR when it was on Disney Channel or whatever.  And watch whenever you have a particular bad day of school/work with a half of gallon of Chunky Monkey by your side.  Here’s who I’d cast:

Phoebe: Amanda Bynes, via What A Girl Wants era would be perfect for the role of Phoebe.  She sort of looks like a runner and I can totally see her playing Phoebe.

Griffin: Though he is no longer a teen, Tom Welling just looks like Griffin to me.  Curly dark hair, blue eyes.  Equals perfect for the role.

Nicole:  I really couldn’t find a perfect Nicole.  I think had Alyssa Milano been younger (like say first season Charmed, young), she would be a pretty good Nicole.  But I can’t find any actress that screams her as of now.

Troy:  Drew Garrett.  At first I was thinking Chad Michael Murray, but I think Drew sort of looks  more like Troy than Chad did in the past.

Overall rating: Eight out of ten laurels


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