Fins Are Forever: Tera Lynn Childs

A few months ago I reviewed Tera Lynn Childs’ Forgive My Fins which if you haven’t read, you should.  It’s all about mermaids.   That by itself makes the book awesome, but Tera brings that awesomeness to an entire new level.  The sequel Fins Are Forever which is out this summer continues in this vein.
General Summary: After falling in love with hot biker boy, Quince, Lily is giving up her life as a princess in the sea for her true love.  However, her new life on land has its complications.  First of all, Lily really hadn’t planned for a future at land so she’s now scrambling to ace the SAT to counter poor grades so she can get in college.  Add the fact that she has to babysit her bratty cousin who’s after her boyfriend and plan her last hoorah as princess, Lily’s land life is just as complicated as her life at sea.
Review: Beach read would describe this book perfectly.  It’s pure fluff.  I liked how Childs decided to go more into Lily’s land life in this book while the first book seemed to be more devoted to her life at sea.  However, even thought the majority of this novel takes place on land, we still get to visit Lily’s mermaid kingdom as well and Childs’ succeeds once again in her vivid descriptions. I especially like how she delves into the origins of mermaids in the latter part of the book.  I also liked how Dosina, a.k.a. Lily’s bratty cousin, played a more prominent role in this book.  Doe is a great character.
Best Feature: World Builder.  Tera excels at world building.  This was my favorite part of Forgive My Fins and naturally it’s my favorite part of the sequel as well.  I think the vivid descriptions that were used made the book appear to be more real.
Worst Feature: Unresolved issues.  Though most of the storylines were properly finished in the book, I wished for a bit more resolution when it came to Lily and her academic future.  I was really rooting for the girl to do well on her SATs throughout the book, so she’d get into college at the end of the book.  However, we never exactly find out if Lily is able to achieve her college dreams.  In fact, I’d say the outlook doesn’t look so good given the fact that Lily sort of missed an important interview.  But I guess that’s what sequels are for…hint, hint, Tera.
Blockbuster Worthy: Uh, yeah.  I liked the first one and I liked its sequel just as much though if I were making these books into a movie, I’d probably combine both storylines into a single film.  Or it could be a really good TV show come to think of it.  God knows, there’s no mermaid shows.  And with Smallville finally going off the air, the CW really needs a new supernatural show to fill their fall schedule and this book would be perfect.  So, CW if you’re reading it contact Ms. Childs or her agent, publicist,  or whoever and get those rights now.
Overall Rating: Nine out of ten starfish.

And guess what guys,  I have a very special treat for you tomorrow, an interview with Tera herself.  So stay tuned for that.

Note: I received an ARC of Fins are Forever as a part of the great Splash Team ARC tour.  Thanks, Tera and her assistant, Jill.

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