When You Wish: Kristen Harmel

 When I got ready to go to Ireland I grabbed a few books that were on the bargain bin at my local bookstore to read while I was traveling and When You Wish was one of them and  it was an unexpected treat.

General Summary: Super star Star Beck has had her fill of fame and fortune. After hearing some news about her long lost father, she decides to give it up and with a bad hair cut, a little hair dye, some Clark Kent glasses, and a cool ride, she finds herself leaving her Hollywood life goodbye and saying hello to the average life of a teenage girl.  Of course, mayhap occurs.

Review: This was a cute little book.  It was nothing extraordinarily special, but it definietly made my train ride to Waterford go by faster.  I should just say that this wasn’t the first book that I read by Kristen Harmel, but it’s the first YA book I’ve read of hers.   Harmel has a very relatable and likable voice that translates into YA lit very nicely.

Best Feature: Hollywood with substance.  There are lots of Hollywood-ish YA books out there.  And I have to admit I’m sort of a junky for them.  I blame it on all the Entertainment Tonight viewing I did as a kid.  That and  People Magazine– which Ms. Harmel just happens to work at.  However, unlike a lot of the YA Hollywood themed books today, this one has substance and isn’t pure fluff.  At the heart of it, Star is a teen whose dealing with her own problems-hello, mommy and daddy issues- and I thought that was a nice touch to the book.

Worst Feature: Naive Characters.  Although, charming, I expected Star to be a little more worldly than she was.  Though I can’t blame her.  She does have sort of a crazy controlling stage momma after all.  And if she wasn’t so naive, then there wouldn’t have been a book about her.

Blockbuster Worthy: Oh yes, definitely.  This book would easily translate to film easily.  I easily see it on ABC Family or Disney Channel.  It has that ultimate cuteness factor to it that those channels love.  Here’s who I’d cast:

Star: Miley Cyrus.  Though I’m not much of a fan, I think Miley would be the perfect Star.  She can sing and Ms. Hannah Montana obviously isn’t afraid to wear a wig either.

Nick:  Hmmm, since I get a very Disney-ish vibe from this book I’m going to suggest one of the Jonas Brothers- yeah, I know, but I have my reasons.  I think one of the Jonas bros, you can pick which one, would actually do very well in this role and there’s  no singing in the book-save for Star, so I could potentially watch one of them in this movie without hurling.

Overall Rating: Six out of Ten stars.


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