Texas Gothic: Rosemary Clement-Moore

I’ve loved Rosemary Clement-Moore’s writing ever since I read her first Maggie Quinn book.  Of course, when I heard she had a new book out I had to grab it and I was more than pleasantly surprised.  Texas Gothic, actually trumped the Maggie Quinn series in awesomeness which is hard to believe.

Summary: Amy Goodnight is playing house sitter for her aunt while she’s gallivanting off in the far East.  However, her summer job of watching Aunt Hyacinth’s herb farm is not as easy as she thinks and it’s not just because Amy’s dealing with a bunch of rowdy goats, five dogs, and  a cantankerous cowboy next door.  No, Amy’s life is made difficult because she’s being haunted.  Although, the paranormal might be considered abnormal to most, it’s not to Amy.  Though, she never thought she’d have to deal with the magical world herself.

Review: Love, love, loved this.  It was a nice refreshing read, exactly what I wanted.  There was mystery, there was romance, the was comedy, there was magic, and above all it was well written.  I’ve always been a big fan of Rosemary’s work, but there’s something about Texas Gothic that makes it stand out from her other works.  Perhaps it’s because the book encompasses a lot of things I like: sassy heroines, mysteries, Texas history, hot cowboys.  Or maybe it’s the fact that the book is so well put together: the character development is spot on, the plot flows effortlessly, and the dialogue sparkles throughout the book.  Whatever it is, I enjoyed it immensely.  So much that when I found out that Rosemary was doing a signing in my hometown I just had to go being the overgrown fan girl  that I am and was more than happy to find out that she’s working on a spinoff to Texas Gothic.

Best Feature: Kick ass heroine.  If you’ve read Texas Gothic and my blog,  it shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise that I loved Amy.  I’m all about sassy protagonists.  And Amy is one kick ass heroine.  I like the fact that Rosemary makes her Amy realistic.  She has faults and she’s not all knowing, or powerful, or perfect by any means.  She’s just someone you can relate to despite all the weirdness that goes on in her world.  Plus, Amy likes cherry limeade which is always a big plus.

Worst Feature: Um, nothing.  I tried to nitpick about something that I didn’t like about this book, but I really couldn’t find anything.  I was going to say that it was a stand alone, but then I found out about the spinoff (which is starring one of my favorite supporting characters in the book) so I can’t complain about that either.

Blockbuster Worthy:  Duh.  Obviously, I liked this book and it would make an awesome movie.   It has all the elements needed for a summer blockbuster: action, romance, the paranormal-which means the need for killer special effects.  Yeah, I definitely would like to see a film production for this.  Here’s who I’d cast:

Amy: Emma Stone.  Okay, so I’m sort of type casting her for every sassy red head YA character.  But I really liked her in Easy A and I think she would make the perfect Amy.

Ben: Hunter Parrish.  I think he looks like he could play the cantankerous young cowboy well enough.  Well, God knows he looks good enough to play him.

Overall Rating: Ten out ten stars.  Yes, it’s just that good.


2 thoughts on “Texas Gothic: Rosemary Clement-Moore

  1. Thanks for commenting. I swear I see Emma Stone playing at least a part in each of your books, save for the Splendor Falls. I totally picture her playing Lisa in the Maggie Quinn series.

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