True Confessions of Hollywood Starlet: Lola Douglas

I have a confession to make, sometimes when I’m desperate I watch Lifetime TV.  And I’m not just talking about watching Project Runway or reruns of Reba, I watch Lifetime movies.  Embarrassing I know, but it is true.   Most of these movies consist of a similar plot involving a determined independent woman going through drama-may it be addiction, be married to a polygamous adulterer, or being pregnant at sixteen.  Needless to say, the melodrama gets old pretty fast.  But sometimes, just sometimes there will be a movie that will get your attention such as True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet.  Imagine to my surprise, after I finished watching said movie, that it was based on a YA book.  Needless to say, I had to check it out.

General Summary: Morgan Carter, once America’s sweetheart, has hit rock bottom.  Fresh out of rehab, Morgan is sent to Indiana and has to deal being you’re average teenage girl-she even adopts a pseudo name.

Review: This was a great book.   The plot itself sounds cliche, but Douglas made it her own.  Morgan is just awesome.  She’s has flaws.  She’s far from being perfect and has insecurities as well.  And I have to say this is a refreshing change.  Usually in Hollywood themed books that share this plot (i.e. a celebrity going under cover in high school) the protagonist is usually super sweet and quasi perfect, Morgan isn’t that.  She retains a slightly bitchy edge to her which makes her adventures into mainstream America more hilarious.  I also like the fact that Douglas doesn’t fluff over Morgan’s addictions.  She gives insight into them.  The reader understands why Morgan turned to substance abuse.  And while some might argue that the logic behind her choices is a bit cliche- and dare I say Lifetimey- I would disagree in this case.

Best Feature: Morgan.  I loved Morgan.  As mentioned before her faults were what made this book.  I also liked the fact that at the end of this book, she’s gotten her act together but her life is still far from perfect.

Worst Feature: Cliche plot.  As much as Douglas has made this book truly her own, the plot is one that has been seen plenty of times in YA lit.  I can’t blame her though, at least that much since it is such a great plot to use.  And Douglas did make it her own.

Blockbuster Worthy: Obviously, it was since they made a movie about it already.  On Lifetime no less.  So, I’ll talk about what I think of the film adaption in comparison to the book.  I think it was a fairly good adaption.  Grant it, I really think they should have casted Lindsay Lohan for the main role-since that’s who I pictured while reading Morgan’s story, but I think Jojo did a pretty good role overall .  My main issue with the film adaption was it encompassed all of the fluff that was in the book, it didn’t divulge into what was the biggest bombshell in the book.  Not to give anything away, but it was this bombshell that made this book seem real.  It explained so much about Morgan and without it she honestly seemed like a bit of a spoiled brat.

Overall Rating:

For the Book: Eight out of Ten stars

For the movie: Five out of Ten stars


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