Sweet Venom: Tera Lynn Childs

So, what can I say about Sweet Venom, okay  a lot of things.  But first,  I’m offering some swag for you guys.  Here’s the rules, I some cool Sweet Venom bookmarks and stickers that I will be giving out to those of you who comment on this entry and live in the U.S. (I’m a poor  law student who can’t afford international shipping, so sadly this contest is limited to my U.S. friends only).  The contest will be opened between now and September 18th while supplies last.  Update, I decided to extend the contest until September 30th I am also throwing in a free copy of Sweet Venom to one lucky commenter so get commenting.  Okay, now on with the actual review.

Summary: Grace, Gretchen, and Greer live three very different lives.  Grace is just trying to fit in at her new school, while Gretchen is hunting monsters and Greer is planning socials.  However, despite these girls separate lives, they are as closely as related as one can get.  They’re identical triplets.  Triplets who are destined to fight monsters together.

Review: This book was adorable.  I have reviewed several of Tera’s books in the past and while this book has the same light tone as her past books, it’s different.  Sweet Venom, is action filled from start to finish with an epic cliff hanger.  Additionally, Tera departs from having just one protagonist to three.  Each girl’s voice is distinct. I have to admit though, while I could really connect to Grace and Gretchen, Greer was another story.  I think this might have been in part because Greer doesn’t come in until late in the book.  And it’s quite obvious that Tera will be developing her character throughout the series.  

Best Feature: A Charmed a sisterhood.  Honestly, this book reminded me a bit like Charmed which isn’t a bad thing since Charmed is one of my favorite TV shows of all time-pre killing Cole that is.  Like Charmed, the sisters in Sweet Venom are quite unique each has their own distinct power,  live in San Francisco, fighting baddies galore, while finding some free time to engage with some hotties.    Yet while there might have been some similarities to my favorite WB show, Sweet Venom was unique.  Tera,  carefully wove Greek lore into the modern world and has provided the audience with a mystery that needs unraveling.  I will have to say though, I’m hoping she’ll throw in a hot Cole like character later in the book- a quasi good, hot, monster- now that would be lots of fun.  Though the guys that we’ve seen so far in the trilogy were pretty awesome and cute .

Worst Feature: Greer.  Okay, I know.  I already talked about my disdain for Greer’s character already.  And honestly, she grew on me towards the end of the book.  She really did.  But I could connect so much more to Grace and Gretchen.  I felt like with Greer, she has her guard up and that we didn’t get to know the true Greer until the end of the book.  Though I will admit, I liked her shoe habit.  I’m the same way, though  I don’t have the money to buy myself a pair of Jimmy Choos every week.  Instead, I just have to settle for shoes like these every six months or so.  

Blockbuster Worthy: Obviously.  Out of all of Tera’ books, this is probably the series of hers, I think would translate best from book to film and saying something.  It has that kick ass quality about it that I loved from the 1990’s.  Why, oh why, can’t TV be like that today?  Anyway, here’s who I’d cast:

Grace, Gretchen, and Geer: Since there’s a lack of triplet actors I’m going to cast the one actress I know who can play smart, strong, and pretty heroines: Emma Watson.  I think Emma would be perfect for the triplets.  She’s obviously used to doing special effects work (hello, Hermione Granger) and I think playing three distinct characters would give her quite the challenge that she’s been looking for.

Milo:  He’s getting to be a pretty regular pick of mine these days, but I think Darren Criss would play an awesome Milo.

Thane: Strong and stoic, that’s what I think of when I think of Thane and who better to play him than William Moseley.

Nick: Alex Pettyfer.  I think Alex would be perfect for Nick, who Gretchen frequently describes as beautiful looking.  I think the face says it all, don’t you?  And if it doesn’t then look at the body that should tell you everything you need to know about my casting pick.

Overall Rating: Nine out of ten fangs.