Lola and the Boy Next Door: Stephanie Perkins

Warning: the cover of this book sort of gives me the creeps.    Plus, you know when everyone sees you reading their book they’re going to be making nasty remarks about you behind your back about how you like romance novels (not that that’s a bad thing, I love romance novels, but to the general population it is).  Hideous cover aside, you should absolutely run to the nearest book store and buy this book now.

 Summary: Lola is a kooky aspring costume designer who has an awesome life in San Francisco with her dads, best friend, and boyfriend.  Everything is going okay until those notorious Bell twins decide to move back into town.  And one of those Bell twins happens to be Cricket Bell, a boy who broke Lola’s heart years earlier.  Now Lola has to deal with some major boy drama since she is finding herself still attractive to Cricket, despite the fact that she is in a relationship with her hot rocker boyfriend, Max.

Review: If I was to use one world to describe this book is sweet.  There is an enduring quality about Perkins’ writing that I just love.  I loved Lola, despite the fact that she is a bit of a flake.  I loved Cricket he is awesome with his nerdy hotness and Alexander Graham Bell anxieties.   I loved everything about this book.  Okay, specifically I think what I involved the most about Lola and the Boy Next Door is that while it might appear to be a cute love story, there is actually some depth and emotion to the book.  Case in point, Lola’s issues with her biological mother.  I liked how reality folded into what otherwise would’ve been a book that was full of pure sugar.  I also loved the characters.  Each character was multi-dimensional, including the minor characters .  In all, this book was a very relatable which I enjoyed especially after reading a hard driven fantasy novel.

Best Feature: Reality.  I loved how realistic this book was.    Yes, there was a romantic whimsy element about this novel that I loved, but in all the book was very realistic.  Although, you’d think from reading the summary that Lola was going to be an outrageous, she turned out to be your pretty average teenage girl who dressed a bit not so average.

Worst Feature: The marketing for this book.  Honestly, the marketing for this book almost turned me off of it entirely.  If the bad cover wasn’t horrible enough, the title was also a little squeamish as well.  While I have read my fair share of romance novels, this book isn’t a bodice ripper and shouldn’t be treated as such.

Blockbuster Worthy: I think so.  This would make a cute little movie.  A chick flick for sure, but an enjoyable one.  Here’s who I’d cast.

Lola: I kept picturing Idina Menzel as Lola’s mom,  so I’m going to give her doppelganger, Lea Michele, the role of our heroine.

Cricket: Penn Badgley.  I know that Cricket is suppose to have blue eyes, but I thin Penn has the sort of vibe you’d expect to see with Cricket-laid back- and I think he can have chemistry with quirky heroines quite easily.

Overall Rating: Eight out of ten stars.


2 thoughts on “Lola and the Boy Next Door: Stephanie Perkins

  1. "Loved Lola and her costumes and her craziness. Cricket and his height and his hands. The setting and getting to revisit one of my favorite places ever. Lola's parents. St. Clair and Anna's cameos. Windows, the moon, and stars…. Another perfect read from Stephanie Perkins! I can't wait for the next one."

  2. I love it too. I'm sure the next one will be great too, I think it's called Isla and Happily Ever After (though I'm not exactly 100% sure on that).

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