What Would Mia Thermopolis Wear

One of the new blog features I wish to try out is called What Would ______ Wear. Essentially, what I’ll be doing is picking out clothes that I believe certain characters would wear. Since the first book I reviewed was The Princess Diaries I decided to make Mia Thermopolis my first victim errr…guenia pig.

When Mia’s at home she likes to dress in comfort. It’s mentioned several times throughout the books that she likes to wear overalls and shirts concerning saving the whales and what not. Mia also likes to wear Doc Martin combat boots. Instead of doing the tradition Doc Martin combat boots, I decided to pick a patterned pair of boots since I think Mia would wear something a bit unique. I also placed a tiara in the overall outfit. Not because I actually think Mia would wear a tiara at home, but because Grandmere might force her to wear one during princess lessons.

Mia Thermopolis: Home

Free people

$348 – freepeople.com

Dr. Martens short heels

$130 – infinityshoes.com


$26 – swell.com

Of course, Mia wears a uniform to school. Though she has options when it comes to her shoes. In the books it states that the AEHS preferred footwear is loafers. Mia, however, seems to always be outgrowing her loafers and prefers combat boots which are pictured below.

Mia Thermopolis: School

Royal blue jacket

£95 – johnlewis.com


$135 – stylebop.com

Schu lace up ankle booties

$86 – edgeofurge.com

Minnetonka suede shoes

$40 – nordstrom.com

Satya Jewelry gold plated earrings

$108 – couturecandy.com

This outfit was based loosely on the clothes that Mia wore in Forever Princess to her interview/date with Michael. The jeans are Mia’s favorite brand-7 Jeans- the tunic looks comfortable yet stylish at the same time which describes Mia. As usual, the princess of Genovia is wearing her beloved snowflake necklace and has a watch to tell time she has a very tight schedule. Of course, no outfit of Mia’s could not be complete without a pair of combat boots. Since she is going on a date, I decided to substitute her typical Docs with a funky pair of Betsey Johnson boots in pink. The boots might appear a little loud, but I think it gives the outfit a nice funky effect.

Mia Thermopolis: Night on the Town

Antik Batik sequin top

$227 – stylebop.com

True Religion low rise bootcut jeans

€268 – shopmrsh.com

Betsey Johnson low heel boots

$130 – betseyjohnson.com

LORD TAYLOR snowflake jewelry

$800 – lordandtaylor.com

Betsey Johnson white jewelry

$185 – macys.com

This outfit is once again loosely based off of Mia’s prom wear in Forever Princess. The dress, shoes, and earrings are by Betsey Johnson. I picked this particular dress because it had an 80ish vibe to it. The earrings go well with the dress and make it appear more sophisticated. And of course, no outfit of Mia’s can be complete without a tiara.


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