What Would the Characters from Blue Bloods wear

To continue my What Would _____ Wear feature, I’ll be posting what I believe the characters from Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Blood series wears.

Up first is Schuyler Van Alen, one of the main characters in the novel. For Schuyler, I decided to do a variety of different looks. The first two looks are casual wear. I chose both of them because they are both loose looking garments, have several layers, and are stylish in their own quirky way. I chose the black dress because it reminds me of the dress that Schuyler wore when she and Oliver went to their school’s dance together. Though the dress isn’t Marc Jacobs, like the one in the book, I chose it because it has a vintage vibe to it. The light blue gown is Schuyler’s bonding dress. It’s actually a renassiance dress, believe it or not. The gold gown in Schuyler’s 400 Ball dress. Though not a vintage Chanel, I still think the dress is a stunner.

The next character I decided to depict was Jack Force. Jack Force is cool, sophisticated, the sort of guy girls dream of. The first shirt I picked for him to wear is a simple polo shirt. Since he is described as a preppy popular boy at Duchesne, I can picture him wearing this shirt. Below the shirt is a nice charcoal colored suit that I can see Jack being forced to wearing by his sister, Mimi. Of course, he’d look great in it though he would definitely be more comfortable in jeans and a pullover that I pictured besides it. I can also see Jack being forced to wear a tuxedo a lot. Above the tuxedo is a suede jacket that reminds me a bit of Indiana Jones jacket. Though, this jacket is much more expensive and luxurious. Still though, I think it would be perfect for Jack to wear since he’s an adventurer at heart.

After Jack, I decided to do Mimi Force. When I think Mimi Force, I think over the top elegance. I chose several looks for Mimi, more than any other character because I feel that Mimi would have more clothes than anyone else. The first outfit is a leopard print dress that I chose as a nod to the dress Mimi used to snag her Italian familiar. Below it our two jackets. I could see Mimi wearing both of these. The first is more flashy. I could see Mimi wearing this with a pair of jeans and tank top to add sparkle to the overall outfit. The second is a more demure looking pink coat that I could see her wearing to a business event. Below the coats are two dresses. The first is a black dress that I could see Mimi wearing to her fall formal. Besides it is a dress that I could see Mimi wearing to a Committee meeting. This dress is more restrained but it still has the elegance that’s needed when one thinks of Mimi Force. The picture in the center of the set is a wedding dress or in Mimi’s case a bonding dress. Though nowhere ornate as Mimi’s, I think this gown in somewhat similar to the one she wore in the book. Below it, is a picture of some pink Jimmy Choo shoes which stand out and look very Mimi-ish to me. The dress besides it, is another casual wear peace for Miss Force. In the far right column, the first dress I chose is a little red dress that I could see Mimi wear when she reunited with Kingsley at that club in hell. Below that our a pair of zebra boots, that I chose to play homage to the boots Mimi wore when she was a venator. Last but not least, is a Greco-Roman style of dress that I think resembles Mimi’s 400 Ball gown.

After Mimi, I decided to look at Kingsley Martin. Kingsley Martin is a GQ man if there ever was one. When I think Kingsley I think rockstar. I think he’s the sort of guy who dresses where he wants you to think he doesn’t care, but he obviously does. I picked two shirts for him to wear. A plain plaid button down shirt and a graphic tee, I could see him wearing either of them with a pair of dark colored jeans and a leather jacket. I can also see Kingsley, when need be, cleaning up really well hence the Armani suit.

Up next, is Bliss Llewllyn. I see Bliss as having a much more relatable style than either Mimi or Schuyler. While Mimi is very high fashion, and Schuyler has a Bohemian look, I see Bliss as having a look the average girl could have. Of course, no average girl would have the gown that Bliss wore to the 400 Ball. Though the dress I chose is not exactly the Dior number that Melissa chose Bliss to wear in Masquerade. The gown is still a show stopper and would definitely show off Bliss’s green eyes. Below the boots are a fun pair of Uggs. Though i’m not a personal fan of Uggs, I think Bliss would be because they are comfortable and these Uggs have sparkles and I see Bliss liking sparkles. A pair of ripped jeans is besides them. I can see Bliss wearing these jeans with the black fuzzy coat that is besides it. I was originally looking for a purple jacket, to match one of the jackets Bliss wore in the book. However, I was unable to find one. Finally, I chose a nice little plaid dress that I thought Bliss would wear to Duchesne to try to fit in.

Of course, I also had to do a set for Oliver, Schuyler’s human best friend and former love interest. I picture Oliver having a unique quirky style. The first item I picked out for him was a smoking jacket. I wanted to find one in navy blue, unfortunately black was my only option. Still though, I can see Oliver making quite the entrance in this jacket. Below the jacket is a set of clothes that I think Ollie would wear as casual wear. The bow tie looks like something Ollie would throw on to give make his outfit look unique. I also, see Ollie owning a pair of plaid shorts in his closet and actually making them look presentable too. Next to the shorts, is a picture of a guy in a hat and suit. This is how I think Ollie would dress in formal wear. Once again, the hat providing a little individuality that makes the clothes Ollie. Above the suit is a Flash T-shirt. I see Ollie being the type who’s into comics. And I think the Flash would be one of his favorite super heros.

Last but not least, I decided to do a set for Deming Chen. Deming is a character who has a tough exterior. I picture her normally dressed in pain simple silhouettes. For example, I see her wearing something like this plain looking black turtle neck dressed. Instead, of giving her a long ball gown to wear. I chose this gold and black cocktail dress. It is feminine, yet there is a toughness about it in the hard looking bodice. I see a leather jacket being a staple in Deming’s wardrobe. It might seem a bit cliche, but she is a tough girl and tough girl’s have to have leather jackets. As well as a nice pair of black boots. I chose these boots in particular because they’re in suede or mock suede which gives boots a feminine quality. Of course, Deming couldn’t wear said boots to a mission, but I could see her wearing them when she went to the office. In Misguided Angel, Deming goes undercover as a popular student. I figured her alter ego would dress in lots of colors that are meant be seen. While the wardrobe would still be sophisticated, I think it would have a more younger vibe. Hence the polka dotted and stripped dress. The red shoes also show this contrast as well.

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