What Would the Girls from Sweet Venom Wear

And it’s time for another What Would ____ Wear. This time I’m featuring the three main characters from Tera Lynn Child’s Sweet Venom. To see my review of Sweet Venom click here.

First up is Grace. Grace is described as the sweet triplet. Throughout the book she is very self conscious about the way she looks. I see Grace as dressing in cute pieces that aren’t over the top. I chose a lot of things that were in ether neutral colors or pastels, save for one fun looking skirt that I can see Grace reluctantly having in her wardrobe for a special occasion. I also made sure I gave Grace a pair of Crocs and a cloth bag that I think would fit her eco-friendly style. And last but not least, I always see Grace with her computer.


Gretchen is the strong, edgy one out of the triplets. I think she’d die before she was forced to wear a dress which is why I chose mostly casual wear for her to wear. I did pick some nice outerwear, a nice blazer and leather jacket. That I thought were show stopper pieces but casual enough to fit Gretchen’s style. I also see Gretchen more the type to have a messenger bag, than a regular purse so that she can carry all her monster hunting material with her. Because who knows when you’re going to have to fight a beastie.

Out of all the triplets, Greer is the most fashion forward. She likes to wear design brands and is obsessed with shoes, hence the Chanel bag and pair of yellow Jimmy Choos in the set. I tried to do a variety of different looks for her. Since Greer is a socialite I tried to do a few conservative looks with various sweater sets and skirts. Of course, Greer occasionally be able to relax in a pair of jeans. But even then, I see her casual wear as looking elegant. Finally, I found a wide array of cocktail dresses for Greer to wear since I find her to be a character who likes to dress up.

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