What Would the Girls from Gallagher Girls Wear

Usually, when I do What Would_____ entires. I focus on books that I’ve already reviewed. However, I decided to break from this trend this week where I decided to focus my energies on Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls series. I will review the series soon, I promise. But take my word when I say that this is a book series to read.

Okay, first up we have Cammie Morgan. Cammie is the narrator/main character of the series. She’s often referred to by her friends as the chameleon because she can easily blend in. I tried to choose clothes that I thought would go to this affects. Lots and lots of casual wear. With plain t-shirts and jeans. I tried to avoid patterns for the most part, though I did choose to give Cammie a stripped hoodie. Additionally, I choose a flamboyant looking red dress that is suppose to resemble the one that Cammie wore in the second book in the series. Showing that when need be Cammie can still attention from the crowd. Finally, I chose two other dresses for Cammie to wear. One plain black and one that is floral patterned. While these aren’t chameleon wear so to speak, especially the patterned one. I feel like they Cammie would wear one of them when she wasn’t in spy mode or when she was pretending to be a normal girl like she was in the first book.

The next character I decided to do a set for Cammie’s best friend, Bex. Out of all the characters in Ally Carter’s series, Bex has the loudest personality. She’s the go to tough girl always having some sort of gadget to gain the upper hand on the enemy, hence the taser. I could so see her carrying one as a must accessory. I also could see her wearing a lot of flashy clothes, but at the same time I see her wearing lots and lots of black. I tried to her wardrobe showing her toughness through practical casual wear while at the same time having other pieces, like the short lame gold dress, show Bex’s glamorous side.

After Bex, I decided to focus my attentions on Liz. Liz like Bex, is one of Cammie’s best friends and roommate. Liz, unlike Bex is a little more reserved. A bookworm. I can see her having a girly girl like style. But nothing way too over the top. I tried to pick some sweet pieces a lot of skirts and sweaters. And I picked two fun little evening dresses that I didn’t think would overwhelm her petite figure, rather enhance it. Finally, I don’t see Liz as the type of girl who’d wear heels or boots rather a sweet pair of ballet flats.

Finally, I decided to focus my attentions to Cammie’s other roommate and friend, Macey. When I think of Macey, I think of glamour. However, her look can’t be over the top because she is a politician’s daughter. Because of that, I tried to stick to relatively tamed pieces but still had flair in style. for example, the first peace I chose for Macey was a black wrap that I thought while providing a mysterious flare to the look was reserved enough where it wouldn’t cause her dad’s PR people to give her an extreme makeover. Of course, I chose some fun looking pieces to her look like the sparkly sweater and a few fun looking skirts. But I still tried to have the overall look scream elegance. Case in point, the long black evening dress I chose for Macey to wear.


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