Reader’s Choice Book: Everneath by Brodi Ashton

Retellings of the myth of Persephone have been popular this year.  Everneath is another one of these books, written by first time author Brodi Anderson.  When I first bought this book I was a little skeptical.  Persephone is not my favorite Greek myth and after reading numerous retellings this year, I was a little sick of them.  Although, I should admit I read quite a few good retellings of the myth.  It’s just that whenever I think of Persephone, I think of a girl whose choices were taken away from her by force.  This is often overlooked or sort of blown over in retellings.  However, Ashton’s book is different and for that I give her brownie points a plenty.

General Summary: Nikki Beckett has been gone for  a hundred years. Well, in Everneath it’s been a hundred years.  Surface life, it’s only been six months.  Although, now bound to the Tunnels, Nikki is able to go home for now where she prepares herself to say good-bye.  However, saying good-bye is easier said than done.

Review: I have to say this book surprised me.  When I first started reading it, I almost put it down.  It starts off waaay too slow.  But it grows on you.  And by the end of the book, I couldn’t put it down.  The world building in this book was just wonderful.  I love the fact that Ashton was able to intertwine all of these different myths and it made sense.  Both love interests were enjoyable too in two complete different ways.  Jack was the golden boy hero.  A true good guy.  While Cole was pure evil.  Pure evil you couldn’t help but think  that maybe Nikki should get with him.  I will also say that I really understood Nikki by the end of this story.  I loved how Ashton weaved aspects of Nikki’s past into the novel.  I’ve seen this technique done before in Meg Cabot’s Abandon, another Persephone retelling, and I have to say I love when authors do this.  I just feel like an author can dig deeper into the character’s emotions when they do this and it helps the overall character development.

Best Feature: Use of Mythology: I love how Ashton weaved various Greek and Egyptian myths into her novel.  It’s true that the primary myth that was used here was Persephone.  However, I also liked the little nods to Orpheus and the Osiris  myths.

Worst Feature: Pacing: The pacing of this book almost ruined the experience from me.  It’s just a really tough book to get into.  However, once Nikki starts opening up a little bit the book improves drastically. And I definitely can’t wait till the sequel.  Talk about your cliff hangers….

Blockbuster Worthy: Yes, I could see this one being a movie.   Here’s who I’d cast:

Nikki: Brittany Underwood: What do I say, she is my resident girl for Persephone retellings.

Jack: Nic Robuck: Dark haired dark eyed, check.  Plus, he has a quarterback body.

Cole: Alex Pettyfer: I think Alex can play bad boy, Cole, who is giving poor Nikki so much grief.

Overall Rating: Eight out of ten death deities.


4 thoughts on “Reader’s Choice Book: Everneath by Brodi Ashton

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