Reader’s Choice: What Would the Characters from Prom Dates From Hell Wear?

Our final Reader’s Choice pick is up. You guys asked to see what the character’s from Rosemary Clement-Moore’s Prom Dates from Hell might wear and here are my interpretations. I hope you enjoy. Beware, lots of formal wear ahead.

The heroine of Rosemary Clement-Moore’s Prom Dates from Hell, has the attitude of Lois Lane but is just a tad bit psychic. From the books, Maggie is depicted as someone who doesn’t often think of fashion. I see her mostly wearing jeans and tennis shoes with the occasional sarcastic t-shirt. I do think she’d have the occasional skirt or two in her wardrobe that her mother forces her to buy and that she’d wear only on laundry day. Note, I’m particular fond to the blue skirt that I chose to represent Maggie’s wardrobe. I think it’s because of the penguins. Of course, I since the first book in the Maggie Quinn trilogy takes place on prom night. I had to include a prom dress as well. So, I tried to stick true to the book and found a nice long blue dress that I didn’t find particularly offensive (believe me, that was a tough one).

Next up is D&D Lisa (that’s Dungeons and Dragons Lisa for those of ya’ll who haven’t read the books). Lisa is Maggie’s best friend in Prom Dates From Hell. Smart, sassy, Lisa went from Goth to glam. I can see Lisa have an easy laid back since of style with a few funky pieces here and there to show that she isn’t your average girl. Items that particularly stand out in the casual wear part of the collection for Lisa include the long Anthroplogie skirt and the Wonder Woman shirt. I see the skirt that I chose from her being one of those pieces that only looks good on a select few (i.e. Lisa) while for the shirt I can see Lisa definitely identifying with the Amazonian princess. For Lisa prom wear portion of the set, I chose a nice long green and black dress though while stylish enough has a bit of darkness to it.

Finally, there’s Justin. Justin is the nerdy but very cute graduate student that just annoys the heck out of Maggie (okay, so there might be just a bit more to it than that). For the most part I see Justin dressing very casual T-shirts and hoodies. Though unfortunately,  I do see him being the type who likes khakis more than jeans. And since he attends Maggie’s prom, I had to throw in a tux too.


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