Don’t Expect Magic: Kathy McCullough

Okay, is it just me or is this cover a bit lewd?   The way the model’s posed the way she positions her hand.  It just raises the ick factor enough to know that if she was on ANTM she’d be in the bottom two for sure.

What do you think of when you think of fairy godmothers?   Well, usually I think of cheery old women who make wishes come true not sullen teenagers who, well, read on if you want to know….

General Summary: Don’t Expect Magic has a rather interesting premise.  After losing her mom, Delaney has to move across the country to live in with her absentee dad (who’s like a hot version of Dr. Phil, strange but true).   Obviously, New Jersey girl, Delaney, finds it hard to fit in California and then she finds out she’s a fairy godmother.  And to make things worse, she finds out that she her first client has an improbable task, falling in love with the most popular girl in school.

Review: Okay, I really, really, tried to get into this one, but I couldn’t.  It had a cute setup.  I mean, the whole f.g. thing seemed pretty cool, but it sort of failed on it’s face.  It might have been in part due to my instant dislike to Delaney.  I get that she’s been through a lot and McCullough was trying to depict her in a realistic manner, but I just couldn’t warm up to her.  She just came off as very immature.  And yes, I know she’s a teen, but I wanted to shake her a couple of times through the book.  Case in point, I know she didn’t like Dr. Hank, but she should’ve brought him to her mother’s bedside when her mom asked her to.  And I just thought the tough girl act came across a little contrived throughout the book.  Props I will give this book, I loved the fact that this book wasn’t all fluff.  That a lot of it dealt with Delaney coming to terms with her new reality.  That was rather refreshing.  And I thought McCullough’s work was easy to read, it was just that Delaney……

Best Feature: Magical Realsim:   Okay, so this technically wasn’t magical realism, but I liked the logic that McCullough used in her world.  It made sense.  It wasn’t overly convoluted like some books can be.    Plus, big props to her by making Dr. Hank a life coach with magic powers.  Maybe I’d actually like Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz if they had magic powers.  Okay, probably not.

Worse Feature: Delaney!  Okay, as I previously stated in the review I found her to be insufferable.  I really, really wanted to like her too.  And while she did soften a little by the end of the book, I just wish that there would of been hints of this softness at the beginning of the book.

Blockbuster Worthy: Disney Chanel meets Lifetime.  Yes, it would definitely have to be a made for TV movie.  While the f.g. powers seem like something Disney would go for, Delaney’s teenage angst is something that Lifetime loves to exploit.  Here’s who I would cast.

Delaney: India Eisley.  For some reason I just see her as Delaney.  I don’t know why I like India, I don’t like Delaney.  Still though, she’s s a decent actress so if anyone can make me like Delaney it’s her.

Flynn: Joey Pollari  he has that geeky vibe that equals Flynn.

Dr. Hank: Mark Feuerstein.  I might be type casting a bit.  But since he’s known for playing Dr. Hank on Royal Pains, why can’t he be Delaney’s dad?

Overall Rating: Four out of ten wands.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Expect Magic: Kathy McCullough

  1. It is a really cute concept. But you're right I couldn't stomach Delaney at all. I've read some of the reviews over on Good Reads/Amazon and some people really liked her, so it could be just me. I just thought she came off as a little fake. It's like the author wanted to make Delaney a tough girl, but just failed in making her sympathetic. And there are a lot of things that happen in the book that should make me sympathetic towards Delaney.

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