Secrets of My Hollywood Life: Jen Calonita



Everyone wants to be famous except for  Kaitlyn Burke in Jen Calonita’s Secrets of My Hollywood Life.  She  wants to know how it would feel not to be famous.  The series itself (now complete) consists of six books.  I’ve only read the first few and this review will only be focusing out of the first book.

General Summary: Kaitlyn Burke is hot stuff.  She has a number one TV show and is an up and coming star.  The only thing is movie stars really don’t have many friends.  Well, real friends and they get to miss out on that fun experience in life called high school–poor them:not.  So Kaitlyn has this harebrained scheme to pretend to be “normal” and attend her lone friend’s school.  Of course this is easier said than done.

Review: I have to say I really liked this book.  True, it was predictable.  But the characters were likeable enough and Calonita has a great voice.  There were sometimes that I just wanted to whack Kaitlyn for being so silly.  I know she’s never been normal.  But God, girl has it made.  Additionally, some of the supporting characters can be a little grating .  Though, Kaitlyn’s crush, Austin, definitely made up for it.  I feel with this book it’s either going to be a love/hate relationship.  Love if you want a cute escape that’s not that memorable.  Hate if you’re the type who’s looking for unexpected dark novel with gripping twists.

Best Feature: Hollywood Good Girl: I like that Kaitlyn is a bit of a goodie goodie.  Although, I like reading more than my fair share of Hollywood bad girl stories, but it’s refreshing to see a Hollywood tale about a young star that’s so normal.  Though the whole part about Kaitlyn wanting to go to spend her days as an average high school student wasn’t that normal to me.  Then again, what do I know?   I’m not  a celebrity, I’m just someone who was forced to endure four years of bad meatloaf and algebra (a.k.a. high school).

Worst Feature: Too cutsey.  I love how cute this book is.  But you know that feeling when you eat a lot of sugar all at once and at first feel great before feeling insanely gross, this book sort of goes over the top in the fluff at time.  I love it, but a somewhat serious subplot might’ve helped it from being great to being spectacular.

Blockbuster Worthy: Of course it is.  This has classic TV movie written all over it.  And I know the perfect people to star in it (okay, starred in it about five years ago).

Kaitlyn:  Hillary Duff.  Hillary is always who I have pictured in my head when I think Kaitlyn.  I think it’s because in comparison to a lot of other former teen stars she has kept herself relatively normal-meaning, she hasn’t decided to randomly shave her head and/or got multiple DWIs. Plus, she “wrote” a YA novel that isn’t actually half bad.


Sadly, I don’t think Hillary will be playing Kaitlyn anytime soon as she is having a baby and has moved on to older roles.  So, my second choice in the role would be Ashley Benson.



Austin: Chad Michael Murray: Sadly, I can only think of one actor to play Austin.  And he is passed playing teens.

Overall Rating: Eight out of ten stars


3 thoughts on “Secrets of My Hollywood Life: Jen Calonita

  1. I've only read like the first two books. I checked out some of the other ones at the library recently because I really do like Jen's writing style, but I honestly was not impressed with this books sequel. Which is too bad because the first one really is cute. She does have a new series coming out though which I'll probably give a whirl anyway.

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