What Would the Characters from Bard Academy Wear?

Earlier this week I read and reviewed A Tale of Two Proms by Cara Lockwood. Although, the book takes place at a boarding school and the characters are mainly in uniform I still couldn’t help but get a sense of style from them which is why I decided to feature them in this addition of What Would _____ Wear?

First up is Miranda. Miranda is the herorine of the Bard Academy series. A descendent of fictional Catherine, Miranda garners the attention of Wuthering Heights bad boy, Heathcliff. Although, Miranda is mainly stuck wearing a school uniform throughout the series-like the rest of the cast. I think we get a good indication of what her style is. For instance, I see Miranda wearing a lot of casual wear in her down time-hence, the hoodie and yoga pants. That doesn’t mean that Miranda is not stylish. I see even her casual wear looking cute. When she’s dressed for an everyday occasion I see Miranda sticking to simple silhouettes like this red polka dotted dress. And of course, I see Miranda on the occasion trying to dress more old fashion and ladylike to garner Heathcliff’s attention, hence the white ball gown. For accessories, Miranda always is seen with the locket that Heathcliff gave her and while I  think she’d be comfortable in a nice pair of boots, I can see her glitzing it up on  the  occasion with a killer pair of heels.

It’s a little imposing doing a set of clothes for one of literature’s most romantic figures. But I’m going to try (grant it, things were a little difficult considering Polyvore doesn’t have 19th century britches in their database). For the most part I tried to keep things pretty simple. It’s mentioned several times that Heathcliff pretty much wore a Bard academy uniform after he got out of his Wuthering Heights clothes. For his literary clothes I tried to think simple. Plain white shirt, khakis, and riding boots. Of course, the ones I chose are hardly 19th century clothing. But they’re the best I could find and I think that Heathcliff would wear something similar to this in the modern age. I also threw in a plain black t-shirt, to show that if Heathcliff was to dress for modern times it would be as simple.

Hana is one of Miranda’s best friends. I see Hana having a sense of chic geek style. For the most part I see her being the separates type of gal because A) they’re comfortable, B) separates are cute, and C) you can easily mix and match them. Though not everything I chose for Hana are separates case in point the cute little blue dress that’s in the set. I can see Hana wearing something like this to a formal even-say maybe prom-mainly because it’s not grossly over the top yet at the same same time it’s elegant. For shoes, I tried to keep things simple flats and a pair of kitten heels for Miranda’s bestie to wear.

Samir is another one of Miranda’s friends. I sort of see him having a slightly off beat sense of style. I see him wearing lots of dress shirts with crazy ties, maybe a sportscoat and jeans. And I can see him having a few novelty t-shirts, I chose a Batman one for him because it’s slightly ironic (Samir is the furthest  character in the cast from being Batman, but don’t tell him that).

Blade is another one of Miranda’s friends and former roommate. Although, Blade is usually in uniform, her Goth style is frequently referred to throughout the series. I tried to make her wardrobe for the most part reflect her favorite colors-black and purple. However, you might notice that there’s one dress- a bright yellow one- that sticks out. This is Blade’s prom dress while she might not wearing bright colors her boyfriend, Samir, would probably find her gorgeous in it.

Finally last but not least, is Parker. Parker is the official “Mean Girl” at Bard Academy. Though she’s usually in uniform, we get a sense that when she’s not she’s probably one of those girls who dresses garishly in style. What I mean by this is while the pieces that Parker might wear are trendy and fashionable a lot of the time she dresses borderline tacky, case in point the feathered miniskirt in the set. Of course, that doesn’t mean Parker doesn’t look put together or for that matter classy on occasion, I just think that she has the tendency look over the top. You might notice that there is one dresses that particularly stands out: a nineteenth century inspired pink ball gown. I chose this dress particularly to represent the dress Parker wore during her swan song.


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