Bad Kitty Series: Michele Jaffe

There’s one trend that I think has been long neglected in the world of YA books and that’s a good old fashioned mystery.  Or maybe I should be happy that a bandwagon for mysteries hasn’t been started yet.  Be that as it may, I have had the pleasure of reading some pretty kick ass YA mystery books. Starting with Michele Jaffe’s Bad Kitty series.

General Summary: Jas has a penchant for getting herself into trouble despite her father’s objections.  She always finds herself in some sort of mystery in some exotic or semi-exotic location.   And with her best friends help Jas usually ends up solving the case.  After some major mishap and bad hair days of course.
Review:  This book is complete whacky fun.  The mysteries are well thought out and the characters are enjoyable as well.  It’s a shame that Jaffe hasn’t been contracted to write anymore because I definitely am wondering what happened to Jas and her friends.  There are a few problems with the book.  Nothing too major, but I do feel that there were times the book came off a bit silly.  Also, the footnotes that were used throughout the books became a little annoying at times.  I still think though if you like light hearted mystery novels this book takes the cake.
Best Feature: Jas and her pals: I really loved Jaffe’s characters.  All of them had their own little quirks which made them hilarious.  Jas was a great narrator, though I’d tell her to lay off the coffee time to time. But I always find that whenever I read a Bad Kitty novel I can’t help but smile.  And that’s a really awesome thing, ya know?
Worst Feature: Too zany: At times the humor was just a bit too slapstick.  Take the use of footnotes.  There’s only so much of a running gag that a person can take.  I know that when my sister read these books, she got so annoyed with the footnotes that she stopped reading the book.  Which was really a shame because they’re such great books.  The bad thing about the footnotes and for that matter the other runnings gags, is that they actually sort of play an important role to the books.  So, you have to read them.  There’s no way of escaping them.  So if they bother you, my recommendation is to read the book in small increments.
Blockbuster Worthy: Um, yep.  This would actually be maybe a better TV series than movie though.  I could definitely see Jas and her friends Veronica Mars-ing it up.  Here’s my cast:
Jas:  An unknown.  I have looked everywhere for a biracial kooky looking girl who can play a sassy detective.  Unfortunately I have not found the look I’m going for when I picture Jas.
Polly:Kristen Alderson: She’s short and blonde and I’d like to see her play a germaphobe.
Tom: Taylor Lautner: Yes, I chose Jacob Black to play Tom.  This would be a huge step up for him in my opinion.  And while it’s true Tom is a lot more charismatic than Jacob and it would be a challenge to play him, I think Taylor could handle the task.
Roxy: Selena Gomez:  Although, most of the roles she have played have been relatively straight man type of characters,  I think she could very easily play the quirky twin sister of Tom.  And she already likes weirdos.  I mean, look who she’s dating.
Jack: Chord Overstreet.  Because he’s blonde and can sing (sort of).

Bad Kitty Rating: Nine out of ten Scooby Snacks

Kitty Kitty Rating: Seven out of ten Scooby Snacks

Overall Series Rating: Eight out of ten Scooby Snacks

3 thoughts on “Bad Kitty Series: Michele Jaffe

  1. I find with this one you either really like it or don't. There's no in between. But I love them. I should warn you though, if you do read them and if you like them you'll be wanting a third one. Which unfortunately does not look to be in the works at the moment.

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