What Would the Characters from Michele Jaffe’s Bad Kitty Series Wear?

One of the best things about Michele Jaffe’s Bad Kitty series was the descriptions of their clothing which is why I decided to feature this in this edition of What Would _____ Wear?

First up is Jas. Jas is the protagonist of Michele Jaffe’s Bad Kitty series. You might notice her wardrobe seems a little fragmented. One side contains fun, casual wear that is hardly fashionista material while the other side seems a bit more stylish. That’s because when it comes to styling herself, Jas relies on her friend Polly to choose her clothes. Of course whatever she wears, Jas will be wearing a pair of cowboy boots. And for this set a chose a pair of cotton candy pink ones that I hope would be Polly approved.

Out of all the characters. Finding clothes for Polly was supposed to be difficult. She’s a style guru after all and if I mess up on her, then well, I’m screwed. I tried to pick elegant pieces for Polly that were classically beautiful and timeless looking, yet still had a slight modern edge to it. Polly is often described as liking the color pink as well, so I tried to put some “pink” pieces in her wardrobe as well.

Tom is Polly’s boyfriend. I see him being styled by her constantly. Hence, why the entire right side of the set has a more classic look to it. I think Polly would restrict Tom to simple, flattering clothing in dark colors. No sweatshirts and t-shirts would be allowed. However, on the left side is the non-Polly style section of the set. I can see Tom cheating and wearing lots of t-shirts and sweatshirts when he can in brighter colors.


Roxy is another one of Jas’s b.f.f.s and I can have her having a fun zany style. That, of course, gets edited by Polly. For the most part I tried to find looks that you could easily mix and match since I don’t see Roxy as the type who’d usually wear dresses. Though I did throw one bold looking yellow dress in there that I can see Polly forcing her to buy.

Jack is Jas’s mysterious love interest. Who’s a mystery man by day and rockstar by night. Since Jack is not styled by Polly, I tried my best to keep things simple. Most of the time I see him wearing t-shirts and jeans. Though I threw in a couple of dress shirts here and there as well. Though, I just don’t see him every wearing a suit. Unless, of course, he had too. Finally, in the center of the set is a suede jacket that I can see him wearing every day.

Finally, last but not least is the Evil Hench Twins. Honestly, I probably enjoyed making this set the most since all the clothes here were over the top and tacky. Just like the hench twins. Michele does a wonderful job describing the heinous wardrobe in the books and I can only hope that I did it some justice. On the left side of the set you’ll notice a fun pull over and a pair of sequin shorts. It doesn’t look like it should go together, right? That’ s where you’re wrong. The evil henches would wear it together. And oddly it would work: for them. And that includes the rest of the outfits in here as well. You might notice a few oddities in the accessories section of the cat. Most notably the cat wearing the newsboy hat and the Dummies book. Well, Veronique is always carrying some form of dummy book around. And as for the cat wearing the hat, I just couldn’t resist. It’s a fashion face off Evil Hench Twins versus cat, I think I know who wins.


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