YAL Book Briefs Presents: The Official Hero Litmus Test

In my review of Shatter Me, I jokingly referred to a hero litmus test.  But the more I thought about it, I really do test heros when I read YA or anything for that matter.  And whether or not I have a Edward Cullen vs a Jesse de Silva as my male leads makes a difference in whether I like a book or not.

Okay, so how does it work.  The litmus test that is.  Well, read on to find out:
1) If being chased by an angry pack of werewolves what would your guy do?
A) Rescue you and then chastise you insistently for not staying home and making scrapbooks about your relationship.
B) Rescue you and then tell yourself you shouldn’t put yourself in danger before kissing you passionately.
C) Watches on aimlessly waiting for you to rescue him.
D) Watches on wearily while fighting a handful of beasts himself, even though he knows you can take care of yourself.
2) When did you realize you were attracted to your love?


A) It was love at first sight.  You didn’t even have to talk.

B) There was a deep pull at first and once you talked you knew that was it.

C) It was when you saw his kind and gentle soul in action (i.e. either climbing up a tree to rescue a kitten or crying because said kitten was stuck in the tree).

D) It wasn’t exactly love at first sight, more like there was definite frison.

3) What is your ideal first date?

A) You declare your love for each other and exchange eternal vows to be there for each other.

B) Well, it started with dinner at a nice Italian restaurant but then….

C) He invites you to work at the soup kitchen with him helping out the needy.

D) First date?  Are you talking about your official first date or your unofficial one…you know, the one where he interrupted you and what’s his face.

4) How does your guy feel about his family?

A) He introduced you to them on our first date, so you think they’re pretty important to him.

B) He doesn’t talk to them much you’re too busy doing other things….

C) He cares about them deeply, but one problem  they’re dead.

D) They annoy him, but deep down you know he cares.

5)What are three traits to describe you?

A) Pretty, average, andthe girl next door.

B) Sweet, sexy, and impulsive.

C) Caring, independent, and reliable.

D) Sassy, quirky, and the nightmare next door.

6) How would you deal with a love triangle?

A) You don’t know how to choose, but that’s okay everything works out for you in the end.

B) You get all hot and bothered, but you know who you want.  Sort of.

C) Love triangles don’t exist in your relationship.  You’re not that kind of girl.

D) Hypothetically if a love triangle did exist, it’s just a mere attraction.  You’re not going to go all gaga over a guy when you’re hung up on Mr. Wonderful.  Unless of course, there’s legitimate reason to lust,  but then you’ll put on your big girl panties on and try to make a choice.


Mostly A’s:  The Damsel in Distress (a.k.a. Bella Swan): You scored Edward Cullen or Jacob Black (take your pick).    You like deep rooted tradition, even though both your love interest may seem a tad bit abusive.  It doesn’t matter because at the end of the day he loves you even if you might be the most boring character known to man kind.

Others like you: Megan from Carrier of the Mark  by Leigh Fallon  and Helen  from Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini

Mostly B’s: Miss Hot and Bothered (a.k.a. Juliette from Shatter Me): If there’s a physical reaction there you go with it.  Chemistry is the name of the game for you, baby.  Sure, you guys talk and like each other.  But you’ know while his mouth moves your secretly thinking about how hot he is and you know he is too.

Others Like You: Alex from Katie Crouch’s The Magnolia League and Nora Grey from Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush Hush series.

Mostly C’s: The Sweetheart (a.k.a. Grace from Tera Lynn Childs’ Sweet Venom): You like your guys sweet and caring.  And why wouldn’t you.  You’re a sweetheart.  Some people might call you a goody goody, but at the end of the day, does that really matter?  You’re helping people and that’s a good thing.  Besides, you can also kick butt and that’s even better.

Others Like You: Cammie Morgan in Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls series and Everneath by Brodi Ashton.

Mostly D’s: The Modern Girl (a.k.a. Suze Simon from Meg Cabot’s The Mediator): You scored Jesse de Silva.  You lucky girl.  You’re the quirky girl next door, who doesn’t need rescuing.  It might help that you have a trick or two in your arsenal to get rid of a spook or two.  Though you usually can take care of yourself, you might need rescuing once a blue moon or so.  And while it’s true your love life may get dicey, you usually deal with it in a mature manner. Usually being the operative word.

Others like you: Schuyler Van Alen from Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods series and Maggie Quinn from Rosemary Clement-Moore’s Maggie Quinn: Girl vs. Evil series.

**Note: The results from this quiz might not be 100% accurate.  Or for that matter reliable.  There might be some Edwards out there that are more tolerable than others, while some Jesses might not be as fine as the one in The Mediator.  This is simply a generalization. 



So, how did you score?  I’m interested in knowing.  Comments are appreciated.


4 thoughts on “YAL Book Briefs Presents: The Official Hero Litmus Test

  1. Jesse is the way to go, lol. I'm so happy that there's a possible seventh book in the works for the series. Though, I was happy with the way things ended.

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