Gallagher Girls Books: Ally Carter

The fifth book of one of my favorite YA series will be released next week.  And since I haven’t reviewed its predecessors yet, I decided to devote this entry for them.  That and I promised you I’d review the Gallagher Girls books when I devoted a whole entry to the characters’ wardrobe.

General Summary:  Cammie Morgan is a spy in training.  This means she attends Gallagher Girls Academy with her best friends and studies Covert Ops instead of Health and Science Class.  Of course being a teenage spy doesn’t mean taking classes that will one day help you be a professional spoof.  Oh no, Cammie and her friends usually find themselves in trouble.  The sort of trouble that if not dealt with properly could have someone ending up in a body bag.

Review: I really enjoy this series.  Though I think originally it was only to be a stand alone.  The first book is so different in tone from the rest of the series.  And it has no Zach, who in my opinion is far superior from Josh.  I have to say though, I really enjoy this series evolution from cutsey to a genuine espionage mystery.  The characters are pretty fleshed out.  Cammie is a likable protagonist with flaws and the same can be said about the rest of the cast.  The plot is pretty tightly woven, even in the first book, so it’s pretty crucial that you read every book in the series or you’ll miss something-though you could probably get away without reading the first one.

Best Feature: Progression: With these books I think they get better and better with each installment.  A lot of the time, especially in YA series, you don’t see this.  While the overall series might be good, more often than not there’s a book or two in the middle that stands out as the dunce in the series.  So far, knock on wood, this has not happened with this series and you really have to applaud Ally for that.

Worst Feature: Too long of a wait time: The waiting time between installments of these books is sort of ridiculous.  I’m planning on having a Gallagher marathon reading session this weekend, just to get a rehash on all the little nuggets of information I might have forgot before diving head first into the fifth one.  I guess this really not a fault though because the best things in life, you have to wait a bit.  And Ally almost always delivers.  It’s just that it unless I reread the series prior to opening the new addition I’m a little confused at first about what’s going on.

Blockbuster Worthy:

Cammie: Lexi Ainsworth: The reason I chose Lexi, is I think she could pull off Cammie’s chameleon like power.  With a little makeup and a change of clothes, I think she could easily change her appearance  like Cammie does.

Josh: Corey Monteith: Honestly, I think his character on Glee is the epitome of Josh: sweet, simple, and first love material.  One factor against him is that he’s almost hitting thirty.  But if Ryan Murphy believes he can pass as eighteen.  Who am I to judge?

Zach:  When I think Zach, I think dark, mysterious, and slightly dangerous.  These are things to live up to.  So who should get the part?  Well, Spider-Man of course.  Okay, not  the Tobey McGuire version.  But I think Andrew Garfield would be a good Zach even though like Corey he’s getting a little too old to play teen roles.  But then again if he can play Peter Parker then he can play Zach.

Overall Rating:

Book 1: Seven out of ten secret agents

Book 2: Eight out of ten secret agents

Book 3: Eight out of ten secret agents

Book 4: Nine out of ten secret agents

Overall Series Rating: Eight out of ten secret agents


2 thoughts on “Gallagher Girls Books: Ally Carter

  1. OMG! book four was SOOO GOOD!The first one was my least favorite of the bunch, I have to confess.but I love this series, I don't really like Heist Society series but I LOVE the Gallagher Girls! Oh and Zach! Zach is made of awesome, I can't wait to hear more of him and of Cammie's dad and of Mr. Solomon!! 😀 Can't wait for book five and I definitely agree that the wait between books is TOO LONGAlex @ A Girl, Books and Other Things

  2. I loved the fourth book too. Such a cliffie. I'm really looking forward to the fifth one, I'm going to the bookstore on Friday so I'm hoping they have it out a little bit early like they normally do. But we'll see.Yeah, like you I just didn't connect as much to the first book. It just has a different tone to the rest of the series. It's like Ally was just getting her toes wet. It's not a bad book by any means though.As for Heist Society, I really haven't warmed up to them yet. I just can't connect, maybe it's the third person POV. I know I reviewed the second one way back before I got sick, but I can't remember the exact details behind it.

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