Trend Spotlights: Into the Land of Dystopia Part VI Closing Thoughts

So, it’s finally the conclusion on my month long series on dystopia books.  So, what did I learn.  A lot of things.  I decided to summarize my little life lessons in dystopia  it by using Pinterest (by the way, please feel free to follow me on Pinterest).

Of course, I’m not going to simply going to finish this topic with a Pinterest board, though I thought about it.  Instead, I thought I’d talk about the ramifications of YA dystopia.

What I mean by ramifications, is what I discuss and predict what is going to happen in dystopia literature in the near future.
Other Media:


Obviously, dystopia literature is going to be exposed to the media because of a little series known as The Hunger Games.  Already, there has been a vast amount of promotion going on for this movie.  And I can already see the Gale vs Peeta wars coming this way amongst the those who don’t read YA masses.  And like the vampire craze, I think the media is going to take the dystopia for all it’s worth.  


To further my point, several dystopia series have been optioned.  For example, Tahereh Mafi’s book Shatter Me has been optioned.  And The Selection, an unreleased dystopia, even has a pilot with the oh so delicious Ethan Peck in the works.  


With all the media attention in the world of dystopia, I can see the market becoming over saturated with these books.  Is this a good thing?


Remember when Twilight first hit the big screen and a flock of vampire novels followed?  So many, in fact, that my local Barnes and Noble (and yours probably too) had a whole part of the Teen Section devoted to vampires.  A similar like phenomena might appear with the Hunger Games  being released.  Some might argue it is already occurring.  When choosing novels to chose for this feature I had a plethora of choices.  And to think that the genre might even grow more….
But how much dystopia is enough?  
With vampire themed novels, I remember that there was just a gradual withdraw from the market.  Sure, you get a new vampire series now and then, but people started putting their forbidden love stories in other mediums.  Case in point, dystopia.  There were just so many stories people could do with vampires and eventually it got boring.
But the question is can dystopia get boring?  After all, these are distorted worlds they can take form in just about anything.  From worlds that were shaped by ecological disasters to viruses that cause infertility, dystopia worlds vary tremendously. Let’s look at some up and coming dystopia novels for further proof:
1) The Selection by Kiera Cass: Bachelor meets dystopia (in the words of Joseph Conrad, “Oh, the horror, the horror” when it comes to the description of this book).  This one does not look like my cup of tea, especially after reading some of the reviews concerning this book.  However, it has a unique concept with mixing dystopia with reality TV.  Oh, wait Megan McCafferty did it already with Bumped.
2) Frozen by Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnson: Not much is known about the dystopia novel that Blue Bloods author, Melissa de la Cruz, and her husband are writing.  Other than the fact that the earth altering event that has caused the world to be permanently be altered has caused magic to appear in society.   
3) Renegade by J.A. Souders: This book explores an underwater utopia that comes into contact with the surface world.  And of course, the main character learns that her world is filled with lies.  Just lies.
Each of these novels differ from each other, though a lot of them have similar elements.  I feel like with dystopia themed books, the ones that are going to survive in the long haul are the ones that stick out from the norm the most.  That are different.   That aren’t cookie cutter. That aren’t written by Tyra Banks. 
Closing Thoughts


When I started this series on dystopian themed YA novels, the only dystopia novels I read were for school.  I understood the idea, but I didn’t understand the popularity.  Throughout reading these books, I came to realize while I didn’t like the sub-genere, I understood it’s popularity.  These books tell interesting stories in distorted worlds.  I got to experience some books that otherwise I wouldn’t have read.  And that’s sort of awesome.  As for the future of the genre, as I said before I continue seeing dystopia trend.  At least for awhile.  The good ones, of course, will survive and prosper while those books that are just trying to milk the cash cow will be seen for what they are.
Since we are now closing this chapter of Trend Spotlights I will tell you what the next trend spotlights feature will cover: angels.

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