What Would the Characters from the Mediator Wear?

I love Meg Cabot’s The Mediator series. It’s probably one of my favorite YA series out there. So why wouldn’t I do a What Would ____ Wear column concerning them. Especially since I found out that Meg is thinking of writing a seventh book to the series. That’s right, a seventh book!

First up is Suze Simon. One of the things Suze is known for is her style. I tried to do a wide variety of looks from the books. For example, the dress in the far left corner is supposed to represent the outfit she wore in the second book that deemed her queen of the damned by Dopey. I also included her hideous work clothes that she wore at the Pebble Beach resort ( a pair of khaki shorts and blue polo shirt). I put these clothes next to clothes that Suze would prefer to wear in the summer a slip dress and a dress by Lilly Pulitzer. Of course, I also had to put Suze’s signature ghost busting outfit in the set: a pair of ripped up jeans, black silk t-shirt, and leather jacket. To finish off the set, I included a white ball gown, a nice little coral colored dress that I could see Suze wearing to school and a pair of Jimmy Choo mules.

Jesse is Suze’s hot ghostly boyfriend. He might be hot and wonderful in the books, but picking out a wardrobe for Jesse is a pain in the butt. This is because he wears one outfit throughout the entire book. This look usually includes a white shirt that’s more often than not unbuttoned a pair of tight black pants, and some riding boots. And of course, he’s usually carries around a hankie to hand to ladies that are crying or in Suze’s case bleeding. Polyvore doesn’t have authentic 1840’s style, so I have to make do with modern equivalents of these styles. In addition to Jesse’s normal attire, I tried to throw in some clothes I could see him wearing in his every day life in 1840’s-hence the suede jacket and cowboy hat. Though, Jesse would be insulted being called a cowboy. At the end of the series, Jesse is alive and well in the modern era. I figure Suze would dress him up to a certain extent, though I imagine that Jesse would set limitations in what she could buy for him. Hence, why I chose a plain looking red shirt for him to wear in everyday life and an elegant but simple looking tuxedo.

When I think of Paul Slater, I think too cool for school. However, Paul doesn’t want everyone to know he’s too cool for school and comes off a bit Eddie Haskell like. Therefore, I think he would dress very stylish and preppy, but there would be just a slight edge to his looks. Starting from the left hand side of the set, I chose a lot of fitted expensive looking sweaters. That I could see Paul wearing that would make him appear to be an intellectual in a preppy boy sort of way. I also threw in a pair of gold rimmed sunglasses as well to give the same effect to this look. Of course under it is a lighter, but Paul doesn’t smoke. Instead, I can see him using the lighter for more dubious purposes. Nest to the lighter is a tuxedo that I can see Paul wearing. It’s a little disheveled, not perfect looking, but stylish at the same time. Next to that is a pair of jeans and a dark colored polo shirt to finish out the look.

Finally, last but not least is Suze best friend, CeeCee Webb. CeeCee is described as being an albino and generally tries to protect he delicate pale skin by covering herself up. So most of the stuff I chose for her are long sleeved items. I also chose mostly pastel tones as well.


4 thoughts on “What Would the Characters from the Mediator Wear?

  1. I think you captured the essence of the characters pretty well.And you put Suze's white dress!!! And yeah, you where dead-on what I picture Paul wearing.And I love that sweater you picked for CeeCee – the one with the bird *makes grabby hands* I wantz it.

  2. Thanks. I'm glad you liked them. I always try to pick out clothes that remind me of the books-like if there's an outfit described frequently I try to put it in the set.

  3. Hey Molly, LOVE this post! If you are a Meg Cabot fan, even if you just love the Mediators by her, then would you be interested in taking part in a Meg Cabot blogging event, that a fellow blogger and I are putting together?? If you would be, shoot me an email: romancebookie@yahoo.comand I will send you an email with all the details when they are finalized :).It will be an event that will be celebrating the work of Meg :).

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