Out of Sight, Out of Time: Ally Carter

I reviewed the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter a couple of weeks ago in preparation for the release of the fifth book, Out of Sight Out of Time, in this series.  Let’s see if it makes the grade.

General Summary:  Cammie Morgan wakes up in Austria and finds out that it’s October, she has a really bad haircut, and she can’t remember what happened last summer.  Of course, the rest of the book is spent trying to figure out just what had happened to Cammie.  However, some secrets are better left buried.

Review: Wow, just wow.  This was the most intense Gallagher book I have read.  Is it the best one in the series?  Well, it depends if you like action.  I did, so it was my sort of thing.  But character development in this one is sort of pushed to the side.  Sure, there is some definite development when it comes to Cammie.  But the supporting cast really played a supporting role in this installment as Cammie tried to figure things out.   Besides the psychological turmoil that is going on in Cammie’s mind, the action sequences are also heightened by the exotic locations they take place in.  Yep, there’s some traveling in the Gallagher series.  Which includes locations such as:


Best Feature: Page Turner: It took me about two hours to finish this book.  I couldn’t put it down.  The action is pretty intense it really did remind me of an episode of Alias or Burn Notice.  Though there were some answers revealed there are still many questions that went unanswered at the end of this book.  Also, I think that some of the things that were discovered weren’t  exactly what they seemed.

Worst Feature: Too Dark: Honestly, I really didn’t think this was a problem.  I liked the dark root this installment took.  However, I can see it isolating parts of Carter’s audience.  However, if you’ve been reading the series for awhile, you should know that it has been becoming darker   And I think that seeing Cammie in the state she was in throughout the book was sort of awesome.

Blockbuster Worthy: Of course, didn’t I say that before.  To see principle casting click here, otherwise scroll down to look at some picks I have the supporting cast.

Bex:  I always found casting for the role for Bex difficult until I saw Annaliese Dayes on America’s Next Top Model this cycle.  She has the accent and the look that I’m thinking of when I think Bex.  However, she might be a tad bit on the older side.  But who knows, maybe she has a kid sister or something.


Liz: A tiny petite blonde, I think Kristen Alderson can take this part.

Macey: High styled with a bit of a bitchy side, but can be sweet when need be.  I think Macey could be played by Lucy Hale would be appropriate.

Joe Soloman: Jeffrey Donovan, of course.  He plays super spy Michael Westen in Burn Notice.  And I can see him the some time grouchy but hot Covert Ops teacher.  And for further proof of his teaching abilities here is another one of his Ask a Spy videos.

Overall Rating: I’m going to give it nine out of ten secret agents.


2 thoughts on “Out of Sight, Out of Time: Ally Carter

  1. Honestly, when thinking about casting for a Gallagher Girls movie. Jeffrey is the only person I'm dead set with being in a movie. He would just be awesome as Joe. He has his toughness, grumpiness, and sarcasm done pact. Burn Notice is one of my favorite shows.I think you will. It's a very fast read. A lot of questions are answered here, but I still think there are going to be a couple of twists in the sixth one.

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