City of Fallen Angels: Cassandra Clare

I recently finished reading the original Mortal Instruments trilogy which I was pleasantly surprised  and delighted with it.  So imagine to my delight when my library had the fourth book in the series (City of Fallen Angels) I instantly checked it out and devoured it.  However, things weren’t as sweet as they were before.

General Summary:  Valentine has been defeated, Clary and Jace learn they’re not siblings and can get it on.  Everyone can live happily ever after, right?  Uh, no.  Trust Cassandra Clare to through a wrench in those storybook endings when shadowhunters start turning up dead, Jace is haunted by some rather disturbing dreams, and Simon has somehow turned from nerd to man whore.

Review: After such a kick ass trilogy this book was really a disappointment to me.  It just seemed watered down.  While the characters I loved were still there they just didn’t seem like themselves.  Take Jace for instance.  He’s probably my favorite character in the original trilogy with the exception of maybe Magnus.  However, his point of view was barely seen in the book and when it was instead of getting his great wit, I got Edward Cullen via Jace.  Honestly, if I wanted Edward Cullen I would’ve freaking picked up Twilight  not a Cassandra Clare book.  Speaking of vampires though, City of Fallen Angles had a lot to do with them in the form of Simon.  I will talk about this later in my review, but I do think that this might’ve been this books downfall.  I do have to say that the book had one hell of a cliffhanger.  Though I wish it would’ve involved Valentine rather than Sebastian.  I’m sorry, but Valentine made such a bad ass baddie in the series that I don’t think anyone can top him.  Though Cassie might prove me wrong.  You never know.

Jace, why oh why did you have to act like this?   Can’t you see that this is the epitome of ass hat.  Talk out your problems with Clary, don’t go all Edward on her.  It’s not romantic it’s pure douche.

Best Feature: Hot and heavy kissing:  Though Jace is mostly an emo Edward Cullen wannabe throughout most the book, there were some pretty hot scenes between him and Clary.  And after waiting for three books for them to get it on I was really happy that we had these scenes.  Even though they were few and in between.

Worst Feature: Simon: He might’ve annoyed me a little bit in the original trilogy, but boy here did I want to bitch slap him once and then some.  He cut off my Jace time off considerably, was two timing throughout a good chunk of the book, when he wasn’t being all sad about being a special vampire.  He really dragged down the book in my opinion.  I think it’s because Simon is meant to be a side character.  He just doesn’t interest me as much as Jace and I feel like if this would’ve been less Simon centric then I could’ve understood a lot of Jace’s poor behavior in this book better.

While Jace is emo Edward, Simon is “sexy” Edward. 

Appropriateness:  Well, thank God there’s no more incest or implications of incest here.  There’s a  few heavy duty kissing scenes though.  Some cheating.  Oh, and lots and lots of action.

Blockbuster Worthy:  The likelihood it’s going to made into a movie now is pretty high.  And since I already discussed who they cast as the leads and how I feel about it.  I’m going to make way with casting some of the supporting roles.

Simon: Aaron Johnson, maybe.  I Googled around at others opinions about who should play Simon and this is the one I liked the best.  Minus the fuzz and a few changes in styling and he’d be perfect or at least adequate.

Sebastian: Tom Felton: Son of a cruel evil man that’s a spoiled brat.  He’s done it and is good at it.  Therefore, I think he’d be the perfect Sebastian.

Overall Rating: Six out of ten shadowhunters.  This book wasn’t awful, I’ve read much much worse.  But it was such a disappointment after reading such a kick ass trilogy.  I have hope that the fifth one will improve.  But if Simon decides to hog the book again I might just go all Buffy on him.


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