It was thanks to the book blogging world that I found out that Pottermore was open to the general public last week.  And faster than you can type in Hogwarts, I was signed up and ready to be the most bad ass wizard since well….him.

When I arrived at  Hogwarts Pottermore the first thing I found out was I didn’t get to pick out my username.  I had a series of choices, due to some weird child safety law, to pick from and ended up choosing (CharmMist15227  which really sucks because my sister got a much more bad ass name BatOak4233).

After much sulking about my My Little Pony wannabe name, I continued my Pottermore experience and got down to the good stuff.  Buying a wand and the sorting.

Both of these quizzes were quite excellent and I was very impressed.  Especially the wand quiz which not only was fun, but informative.

In case your wondering.  My wand is 12 1/2 inches  made of rowan wood with a dragon core and is unbending.

This is a rowan tree.  I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a rowan tree till I found out my wand is made out of it.


Now for the best part.  The sorting.  The Potter nerd that I am, I have taken several sorting quizzes throughout the years always ending up either one or two houses: Slytherin or Ravenclaw.  So to say the least I was happy when I found out that I was in the house of the snakes.
After marveling over my snake status there wasn’t too much to do other than to make potions which I refuse to do or duel people which I do way too much.  Dueling is ridiculously easy which is sort of a problem though because everyone figures it out after all (i.e. there’s one particular bad ass spell while the rest of them or just sort of wimpy).
Overall  Thoughts: While there are some massive problems with Pottermore it is a good waste of time especially when one should be studying for their finals and finds themselves dueling with random people instead.

12 thoughts on “Pottermore

  1. It's still buggy. Half of the time I try to log on it crashes on me. And I'm on there a lot because as simplistic as the dueling game is, it's addictive. Must be my Sllytherin competitiveness coming out, lol.How the heck did you get into Gryffindor? All the people I've talked to who usually have gotten into Gryffindor unofficial house quizes have got into either Hufflepuff or Slytherin despite the fact that Gryffindor is the most popular house on there.

  2. My Pottermore username is bad ass. I always got Slytherin in fan-quizzes but I was sorted into Ravenclaw. I think there are a lot of people who could go either way, since Ravenclaws are also ambitious and cunning. Slytherclaw! I've come to embrace being a Ravenclaw though. It's legit, so how could I not?

  3. Keri, I guess you're a luckier person than I am, lol.See it was the exact opposite for me always a Ravenclaw on those quizzes except for the rare occasion or two I'd be a Slytherin. Though apparently according to my friends it's very easy to see me as a snake-don't know if that's a good thing or not.

  4. I have the exact same wand and house but my wand is 'reasonably supple' I got the username of HallowGhost6156, I think it's pretty cool. Darth as a Slytherin?

  5. I liked parts fo the site. I honestly got addicted to dueling a while there back. Though I haven't logged in in awhile.Yes, I think he would be a Slytherin because in the movie he clearly looks out for himself. Plus, anyone who says that quote is a snake in my book 😉

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