Sorting Hat for YA Fictional Characters

After experiencing the magical dullness wonder that is Pottermore and was sorted into the house of the snakes, I had to wonder what would some of YA’s best and brightest be sorted into which is why I decided to devote this splendiferous entry to sorting YA character Harry Potter style.  So without further ado let the sorting begin.

Gryffindor: The house of the brave and Harry Potter.  Gryffindor’s are known for their courage.  Though they can be a tad bit impulsive.
True Gryffindor: Mia Thermopolis from Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries.  Mia is a true Gryff.  After all, you have to be a very brave person to deal with Grandmere.  Plus, do you remember what she did in Princess Mia if that’s not brave then I don’t know what is.
Faux Gryffindor: Juliette from Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me.  We might be told how brave Juliette is through her ordeal, but it’s really Adam who does the heavy lifting.  Besides living in a dystopia society is just part of Juliette’s life, so she’s really not being that brave.

Hufflepuff: Don’t diss the Puffs, dude.  Hufflepuffs are loyal to the core.  And if you think about that, it can make them very scary when angry.

True Hufflepuff: Cammie Morgan from The Gallagher Series.  For a spy, Cammie shows extraordinary loyalty.  That is when she’s not being brainwashed.
Faux Hufflepuff: Bella Swan from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight.  It might be true that she died for her vampire husband after having their mutant pseudo cannibalistic baby.  But woman does not have Hufflepuff loyalty with less than chaste kisses with her werewolf bestie.  Girl is so not a Hufflepuff.
Ravenclaw:  Ravenclaw is house of the wise.  Finding wise YA heros or heroines is really a difficult thing to do since the mast majority of them are irrational beings.  Still though, an occasional Raven or two does make an appearance in YA fiction.
True Ravenclaw: Oliver Hazard-Perry from Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods.  Ollie is a claw through and through.  He always does his research and you know what he still kick ass, maybe not physically like other characters in the series.  But he has some major brain power.
Faux Ravenclaw: Bethany Church from Halo.  Throughout the entire book I was told how intelligent Bethie was.  Honestly, I think if she was sorted into Ravenclaw she’d never be able to get into the common room.  That should give you a clue of what to I think about her intelligence.
Slytherin: The house of those wanting to be the best.  Slytherin has a dark reputation for those who are driven by their ambition.  However, a couple of “good” characters have appeared from Slytherin.  Ever heard of a little old wizard named Merlin?
True Slytherin:  Mimi Force from Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Blood series.  Yes, another character from Blue Bloods.  But I don’t know a more perfect Slytherin than Mimi.  She’s out for number one, isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, can make a quick remark or too.  And God knows she has so many cunning plans.  If she was in the house of snakes the Griffyndors wouldn’t stand a chance at the house cup.

Faux Slytherin: Jace Lightwood (or whatever he’s calling himself these days) from Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments.  His witty remarks, his desire to be the best shadowhunter he can be, and the fact that not everyone likes him makes him the perfect Slytherin. Or so you would think because is Jace really cunning?  I mean, has he came up with any cunning plans?  You be the judge.  But to me he’s a  Gryffindor with Slytherin sarcasm.

Of course there are more YA characters out there.  Where do you think your favorite would be placed in by the sorting hat?


6 thoughts on “Sorting Hat for YA Fictional Characters

  1. I love this!So I figured you didn't like Pottermore very much either? I've been a Beta since October, and finished the first chapter months ago and have been waiting for Chamber of Secrets to be up ever since. I actually was truly disappointed with what they have on it. It's not that what they have isn't cool, it is!, but I really think they could have done even more! I was put into Ravenclaw! Which I guess was exciting! I love how you put Mia on your list! 🙂

  2. I like it enough I've been spending way too much time dueling. But I was hoping for in the words of a Disney Princess for something more. I think it's in part because I've played Harry Potter Lego which is pretty kick ass, so I thought it would be something to that affect.I'm a Slytherin, LOL. Your'e the first claw I've met. Most of the people I've known have either been sorted into Hufflepuff or Slytherin.Glad you liked that. I was tempted to use Suze. BUt even though she can kick ghost butt, I think standing up to Grandmere is a harder task.

  3. Great sorting!! I agree with it all!!!*nods nods*So true about Bella, the Huffs would cast her out for being so wishy washy and wouldn't let her in on their plans. Oh and I love Mimi as a slytherin, I effing love Mimi even though she's mean, she's fabulously mean and evil and cunning. 😀 And I guess I agree with Cammie being a Huff, I think she's not out for glory, she just does what needs to be done, and that's a very huff-like characteristic, I think.

  4. Thanks, glad you like it.Mimi Force is probably my favorite Blue Bloods character. Don't get me wrong Schuyler and Jack are cute together. But I just love Mimi's bluntness.I really think the Hufflepuffs are secret bad asses. They're not all thrill or glory seekers like the Slyths and Griffs, but when push comes to shove they kick butt.

  5. I love to think about the odd character and which Hogwarts house they would be sorted into. I'll have to take your word on these ones because I've not read any of these books, bar Twilight.I was sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore. I like Pottermore well enough because it gives more of an insight into the series and is best when you experience it while re-reading the books, which is its primary purpose.Great post!

  6. Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I really should reread the first book and redo Pottermore while I read it. I don't have time right now because I'm studying for finals but maybe once I get finihsed with them I'll do that.

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