The Airhead Series: Meg Cabot

As you’re probably aware by now one of my favorite authors is Meg Cabot.  I can always count on pulling out a book of hers when I have a crappy day and end up smiling.  One of her newer series is called Airhead.  The series is a trilogy is about a girl who wakes up one day and finds herself in a supermodel’s body.  Okay, it’s a little bit more complicated than that but the books sort of reminded me of this:

General Summary: So this girl, Em, finds herself in the body of one of the world’s top supermodels after a terrible accident.  It really is a medical miracle, only Em finds out that there was more to what happened to her than just a gesture of good will.  Will she be able to hold it together?  Will she be able to figure out what happened to her?  And above all, will she ever be able to tell the boy that she loves that she is in fact alive?
Review:  This is a very different Meg Cabot book.  Perhaps it’s because of the darker tone the series takes, it’s not everyday your brain gets put into a different body, but it doesn’t come off as light and fluffy as some of Meg’s other series.  Be that as it may, Meg does know how to write a good mystery. The second book in this trilogy is probably the strongest since there is a lot of plot exploration in the book.  While the trilogy had a satisfying conclusion, admittedly it did seem a bit too perfect and easy. It’s a Meg Cabot book though, so happy endings should be expected.  Also, props for Meg for referencing Wonder Woman.  I always love a good Wonder Woman reference.
Best Feature: Modeling: The girly girl in me really loved all the modeling stuff.  I can’t help it.  I love learning about the world of high fashion which is why I watch some rather trashy reality shows.  Though I’m having second thoughts about a certain show because of this.
Worst Feature: Hidden Messages: In the third book especially there seemed to be lots of “hidden” messages about inner beauty.  While I appreciate this, I don’t read to get preached.  These messages really weren’t too vomit inducing for the most part.
Appropriateness: There’s some kissing in the book, some medical trauma, implications of murder and attempted murder, and there is some course language.  But I would say overall the book is pretty PG-13.
Blockbuster Worthy: This would be a very interesting movie to see on the big screen.  And yes, as you can see from the film clip above it has been sort of done before but not a YA version of it that involves models and evil corporations.  So I think it would be cool to see Airhead on the big screen.
Em: It’s a bit part really, but I picture Em looking a bit like Demi Lovato pre surgery.


Nikki: Blake Lively:  For some reason I just see Blake playing the part of Nikki.
Christopher: Freddie Stroma: I really like Freddie’s face because I think he can look boyish, yet at the same time there are angels to it that can make him look older depending on how he’s styled.  This is how I picture Christopher looking.   So, he would be the perfect fit.
Overall Rating:  I really liked this series.  It’s true it’s not my favorite Cabot series, but the trilogy does make for a good read.
Airhead: Seven out of ten brains.
Being Nikki: Eight out of ten brains.
Runaway: Six out of ten brains.

5 thoughts on “The Airhead Series: Meg Cabot

  1. Great series review!I actually really liked this series because, for a while there, I liked Meg's Books but I didn't LOVE them like I love 1-800 or Mediator. They were nice books, just not favorites. But I feel more connected to Em so I really liked the series, though I do agree that the second book is the strongest. I love Lulu and Steven, 🙂 They were awesome.

  2. It wasn't my favorite series of Meg's (The Mediator and 1800 Where R U take that honor), but it really was a great trilogy. I really liked it better than a lot of the standalones that were released the years prior to it. Even though they were good too.And honestly, how could anyone NOT love Lulu and Steven. I think that's one of the things I like best about Meg's work si that even the second characters lives are explored which is really nice.

  3. Oh I absolutely love this series. And Meg Cabot. I think she's a genius. Strangely though, I gobbled up the first two books in the series immediately but have had the third book on my shelves unread for absolutely ages. Maybe I'm waaiting until I have a NEW Meg Cabot book on my shelves to look forward to.

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