Anna and the French Kiss: Stephanie Perkins

The cover may raise eyebrows at the bookstore and at work, but believe me it’s worth it.

Stephanie Perkins has to be one of my favorite YA authors.  I think it’s because her plot concepts are so simple, but sometimes simple can be beautiful and that’s the case with her books..

General Summary:  Anna is sent to France by her egotistical novelist father for her senior year.  Instant bummer, right?

Um, no.  Not for me at least because I would love to go to France.  But Anna is different than me and I sort of understand why she would be a little pissed about transferring her senior year.  Luckily she get’s over it quickly when she meets some cool friends at her French boarding school.  Including St. Clair, who she knows she shouldn’t have feelings for but does anyway.

Review: I loved this  book.  I can’t tell you how many ways I loved this book.  Let’s talk about Anna she has a pleasant voice that makes the book very easy to read.  I also loved the way there was subtle Nicholas Sparks bashing throughout the story.  Okay, so I loved The Notebook, but after awhile his books grow repetitive and depressive just like Anna’s dad’s work .  I also loved how the relationship between Anna and St. Clair developed throughout the novel.  In a genre full of insta love this was refreshing.  I also liked how St. Clair wasn’t Prince Charming.  Sure, he was romantic and swoon worthy, but her messed up which made him seem real.  Same goes with Anna too.

Best Feature: Paris.  If you don’t love Paris already this book will make you love the city of lights.  Perkins does an excellent job of setting the atmosphere.  And I notice this in her other novel,Lola and the Boy Next Door which took place in San Francisco.  Seriously, city tourism offices should beg Stephanie to write books set in their city.  She made me love Paris so much.

Worst Feature: The cover design.  Okay, so the girlish part of me loves these covers and titles of these books.  But I have to admit it’s sort of embarrassing carrying these books around with me at the student lounge at my law school.  Everyone already sort of thinks of me as the Elle Woods type because of my pink laptop and I think these books probably enhance this stereotype.


Plus the cover concept/titles sort of remind me of these books:


Sad but True: In high school I collected Avon True Romance books.  And I’ve thought about doing a feature on them.  Am highly tempted, but can I bear bringing these books with me to school…..


Appropriateness: A few bits of cussing here and there.  There is a bit of fighting.  And some adult discussions.   However, nothing too inappropriate here.  I would say that compared to a lot of things I’ve read lately this book is relatively mild when it comes to inappropriateness.

Blockbuster Worthy: Oh God yes.  I would love to see this one on the big screen and unlike a lot of YA productions Anna and the French Kiss could be made on a relatively low budget since it doesn’t involve any werewolves, vampires, or other supernatural element that would cause Hollywood to use special effects.  Though it would definitely call for location shoots in Paris.

Anna: God, I wish Amber Tambyln was about ten years younger.  She is exactly how I imagine Anna looking.

St. Clair: He’s getting to be a pretty common choice, but I think Freddie Stroma would be perfect for the role of St. Clair.  Though he is not as short as St. Clair I think his dapper St. Clair like looks can make up for it.

Overall Rating: Nine out of ten croissants


3 thoughts on “Anna and the French Kiss: Stephanie Perkins

  1. You know, I read this book a couple of times and the first one I wasn't overly impressed, but after reading Lola (and hating her) I kind of went back and looked at Anna again – because I loved seeing her and Etienne in the Lola book, was about the only part I liked of it -and they grew on me. So it wasn't love at first sight for me but I did end up liking the book a lot.

  2. Sad to hear that you didn't like them at first. I was a little skeptical about buying them, but I really was pleasantly surprise. I read Lola when I was really, really, sick in the fall and the cotton candy-ness of it made cheer up.

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