Meg-A Readers Blog Hop: What Would Meg Cabot Characters Wear Special Edition

I am a huge fan of Meg Cabot.  So, when the Romance Bookie and Little Miss Drama Queen informed me that they were doing a Meg Cabot centric blog hop, I couldn’t help but agree to participate.  Plus, they’re giving out sweet giveaway which you guys might want to check out here.

There are many reasons why I love Meg Cabot’s books.  When I first opened The Princess Diaries eleven years ago, after hearing that Julie Andrews (Yes, I’m a Julie Andrews fan.  So what?  Have you seen this) was going to star in a movie based on that book,  I was amazed.  This was a book that I could relate to, with actual cute boys,  and I could smile when I read it.  Which a far cry from any other book in the genre at that time.   Even after eleven years, I still count Meg as one of my favorite authors.  And why not?  She has written some pretty amazing stories, with super hot heros, and kick ass heroines.  The best thing about Meg’s books is that in each of her heroines are individuals.  I could merely write about how they’re different or I could show you by doing a detailed analyze on their wardrobes.

I prefer the later:

Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries was the first Meg Cabot character I was introduced to.    She’s fun, zany, and Mia really evolved throughout the series.  Her wardrobe reflected this.  At the beginning of the series, she did not care about clothes at all.  A pair of overalls, some combat boots, and a Save the Whales t-shirt and she was ready to go.  Sometimes this made for some rather awkward looks.  However, after becoming a princess Mia became more polished.  While there would occasionally be a zany piece of two that Mia would wear, she truly refined by the end of the series.  However, one thing remained constant that being her love for Michael and I think it’s kind represented by the snowflake necklace that Mia refuses to take off.  Note, I did my first What Would ___ Wear column  on Mia and her wardrobe and more Mia looks can be found here.

Samantha Madison, a.k.a. the girl who saved the president in All American Girl, is a different type of character than Mia.  She’s comfortable in her own skin from the get go.  Maybe a little too comfortable.  She’s artistic and a bit moody.  But like Mia she’s loveable at heart.  I think a lot of her wardrobe reflects her artistic nature.  Everything for the most part is black.  Sam would dye it black even if the material itself shouldn’t be dyed.  You might notice that there’s one bright blue suit amongst the sea of black and that’s because Sam’s mother would have bought said suit for Sam and forced her to wear it to oh, I don’t know a dinner at the White House.

Suze Simon from The Mediator series is probably one of Meg’s most fashionable characters.  She’s tough but has a feminine side at the same time.  I did a series of sets for Mediator characters not too long ago and finding clothes for Suze was a bit difficult because while I wanted to show off her feminine side it was important to include looks that showed she had an edge as well.  The result was trying to pair pieces that end up having some soft elements and some hard elements.

Emerson Watts from Meg’s trilogy, Airhead, probably had the most drastic makeover out of any of Meg’s characters since the girl literarily got a new body.  Em isn’t the type of character who cares much about fashion.  Rather, she’s more concerned about computer games and her best friend, Christopher.  I really don’t think she would’ve had a defined style other than sarcastic t-shirts had she not been the recipient of Nikki Howard’s body where she was required to wear high fashion couture.   So for the set I tried to make the clothes I pick go from extremely basic looks to high fashion looks.  There’s sort of an extremeness about the Airhead trilogy that I enjoyed and I hope the set reflects it.

Pierce, from Abandon, has been through a lot of inward turmoil after coming back from the dead.  In this set I tried to do a pre-death Pierce look and a post death Pierce look as well.  Before Pierce’s visit to the underworld I can see her dressing very preppy in bright colors and sweater sets.  I imagine her looking ridiculously innocent too, hence the unicorn shirt.  After her experience in the underworld, I see her taste being a bit more simpler.  Darker.  I see her not really caring about fashion that much, yet something about these simple looks of hers would be elegant.  I see her being very partial to jeans and plain colored t-shirts and tanks with maybe the occasional plain looking dress.  Of course, Pierce would have to have a few white dresses in her closet in both this world and the underworld.


12 thoughts on “Meg-A Readers Blog Hop: What Would Meg Cabot Characters Wear Special Edition

  1. Thanks! I haven't actually read the A-List series yet, but if/when I do I will consider it. I'm actually planning a very What Would ____ Wear post right now. I'll give you a hint, the post will be something of a crossover.

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