Awesomely Lifetime: Girl Fight

I think my favorite movies on Lifetime are those that have the biggest dumb asses in them.  Girl Fight is a movie that is filled with dumb asses.  And therefore, it makes the perfect movie for me to review.

Melodramatic Summary: According to Lifetime, the one thing every teen wants besides a baby is to be famous.  And how do you get famous: Youtube.  So when these girls get pissed at their friend for telling other people that they’re assholes they decided to beat her up, force her into their van, and dump her at a Wal-Mart before they post the video on the internet.  Of course, our little movie doesn’t end there because the incident causes emotional turmoil that has to be resolved within the next ninety minutes.
Like the pregnancy pact, this movie is over the top bad.  Yet, it’s addictive to watch.  I think the biggest difference between this movie and The Pregnancy Pact is the acting.  The acting in The Pregnancy Pact was horrible, but after watching this movie I feel like all the actors in that movie should be getting an Academy Award.
In addition to the poor acting, I had some major issues with the resolution of the movie.  Seriously, Lifetime, I wanted Haley to let those bitches fry.  Having her worry about their lives being ruin and letting them get a mere slap on the wrist made me pissed.  It would’ve been one thing if you had the makers of the Best Bad Ass Girl Fight Ever repent their actions, but they were jumping up in down in excitement because the media was covering the story.
Really, Haley I think that you’re doing humanity a disservice by letting those girls roam around free to harm someone else for their next ten seconds of fame.
That’s Lifetime:  You know this movie is Lifetime because of the so called “female empowerment” messages that really don’t come off as being female empowerment.  Instead, their more like degrading to the gender in general.  In this movie, as I previously stated Haley is empowered by being allowed to pussy out and let the junior league of sociopaths go free.  Forgiveness is good, but people need to pay for their crimes, especially when there’s nothing redeemable about the characters.
Lifetime Squee: Haley doesn’t have a boyfriend but her dad is kind of hot.  If you get past his quasi asshole behavior in part of the film.
Oh. My. God. Lifetime Moment: The fight scene it’s pretty epic.  Epically bad and cliche.  But my eyes were glued on it when I watched the movie.  


Overall Rating: I give this movie a seven.  I really enjoyed it even though I knew I shouldn’t.  The movie is the epitome of bad.  However, after viewing the movie I can tell you if I watch it again I will not watch the ending.

2 thoughts on “Awesomely Lifetime: Girl Fight

  1. I really enjoyed it for the shock and awe till the last twenty minutes. It just sort of went down hill once the girls were arrested. No, I haven't seen that one. Will check it out.

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