Love Triangles: The Other Guy

Love triangles are probably one of the most annoying prevalent tropes in YA fiction.  The heroine more often than not finds herself  between two guys both of them “irresistible“.   More often than not she’ll struggle with her decision for the length of the book or if the book is a series, the rest of the series.  And also more often than not, she’ll end up with a guy that not everyone is happy with.  So I decided to do a blog entry on the poor saps that lose out in the love triangle and what could’ve been hand Little Miss Heroine decided to chose him rather than the sap that won her hand.
5. Oliver Hazard-Perry: Although, Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods  series has not reached its end,  Schuyler has made her choice in the romance department.  Instead of choosing her artsy best friend, Ollie, she decided to go after her forbidden crush, Jack Force.  While I might approve of this decision, I can understand why many fans would’ve wanted Sky with Ollie.  Because he’s gosh darn cute.
Little Miss Heroine: Schuyler Van Alen (half blood vampire with a very potent destiny, who has decided to follow her heart even if it might kill her in the end).
The Sap: Jack Force (Hot as hell, which is kind of ironic if you think about what happened in the sixth book.  Jack is the guy that Schuyler decided to ditch Ollie for, too bad he might have cost her, her life).
When They Would’ve Gotten Together: At the end of the third book, Revelations.  The Star Wars quote that Ollie recites to Sky is cute and would’ve been the perfect beginning point for this couple.  Too bad things weren’t so over with Jack….
If Schuyler Chose Oliver: She could’ve told the Blue Bloods screw you and the series could’ve been over.  She then could’ve gotten her degree and been in college right now.  Eventually she and Ollie would probably have invested in an art gallery or restaurant together and lived happily ever after in Tribeca.
4. Simon Lewis: Though I get annoyed with him, I can understand why some people would’ve preferred Simon to be with Clary in Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series.  After all, Clary and him never thought they were brother and sister.
 Little Miss Heroine: Clary Fray (Interesting but quasi annoying heroine because she’s so damn impulsive and has  feelings for her quasi brother).
The Sap: Jace Lightwood (Snarky shadow hunter who Clary can’t keep her hands off even when she thought they were siblings).
When They Would’ve Gotten Together: Simon had the whole enchilada in City of Ashes, but he really just sat there.  Dude should’ve done more to keep his girl.  I would even say he still had a chance in City of Ashes had he been a bit more proactive.
If Clary Chose Simon: Because of the pesky vampire thing, provided he snared Clary after he became a member of the undead, Clary and Simon would have to deal with the whole vampire issue.  Clary, knowing her impulsive nature, would’ve been like Bella Swan and demanded to be changed.  Simon probably would’ve relented and then they could’ve gone all happily undead ever after.
3. Paul Slater: I will give it to Meg Cabot, she knows how to write a decent love triangles.  Even though Paul was a major jerk, I sort of grew to like him by the end of The Mediator.  Still though, I was happy that Suze chose Jesse.  But I think with some work Paul could’ve won the girl.
Little Miss Heroine: Suze Simon (Mediator, fashionista, and princess of sarcasm who finds herself under Paul’s baby blues despite the fact she has a hottie of a ghost haunting her bedroom).
The Sap: Jesse de Silva (1850’s ranchero, wannabe doctor, who dresses like a pirate).
When They Would’ve Gotten Together: In Twilight, after a slow buildup Suze would finally open her heart to Paul after Jesse moved on.  It would be a painful journey, but Paul would be an unexpected shoulder to cry on.  Of course Paul would still have to maintain some of his edge, but in the end Suze would be the girl to balance out his snark.
If Suze Chose Paul: They would’ve opened their own PI agency together and use ghost busting to “enhance” their skills.  They also probably would have some pretty epic arguments, but would settle down (sort of) when Suze unexpectedly got pregnant.
2.  Frank Hardy: Stars in his own series with his brother Joe, but starred in the 1980’s-1990’s Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys super mysteries.  Where it was obvious that he had feelings for America’s girl detective.  While Nancy (for canon’s sake) stayed with Ned.  There are still a few fans, okay me, who hoped that maybe someday this ship would be revisited.
Little Miss Heroine: Nancy Drew (red haired detective who finds herself attracted to Frank despite the fact she’s in a committed relationship with her boring as dirt boyfriend, Ned).
The Sap: Ned Nickerson (annoying college student who just randomly pops up and ruins all those Nancy and Frank almost moments).
When they Would’ve Got Together: In Secrets of The Nile.  The whole book was just a Frank and Nancy shipper dream.  After playing husband and wife together it would’ve been cool had the two of them admitted to their feelings at some point in the book.  Perhaps, after Frank rescued Nancy from being stuck in that sarcophagus for eternity.  Or at the very least the  airport they could’ve fest up to the  obvious.
If Nancy Chose Frank:  After admitting their feelings Nancy and Frank would’ve continued solving cases and  would’ve opened their own detective agency with Joe and Bess.  This would be a far improvement from her life with Ned, where her biggest investigation would be what to make for dinner.
1. Jacob Black: Of course, I had to use Jacob as the poster boy for this post.  Jacob is the original or most famous out of the ditched men, not counting that dude from The Hunger Games.  Do I care that he didn’t get Bella?  Not really.  But I do think he got gipped essentially being turned into a pedophile (I don’t care what SMeyer says there is no way she’ll be able to justify the whole imprint on an infant thing for me).  So I decided he needed a good what if…
Little Miss Heroine: Bella Swan ( Arguably boring and insipid, but she gets all the guys in Forks.  Bella decided to become a member of the undead to be with her precious Edward.  But she did throw Jacob a bone, her daughter).
The Sap: Edward Cullen (Apparently sexy, despite his stalking issues.  Edward would do anything for Bella, including asking Jake to give her puppies).
When They Would’ve Gotten Together: While the foundation for the relationship would be in New Moon, Bella and Jake wouldn’t have gotten together until Bella had some much me time and decided what she wanted to do in life (i.e. get a personality, go to college, and not work for someone named Edward Cullen Christian Grey).  After becoming self actualized, Bella would’ve let Jake in her life with some reservations.  Telling him, mainly not to try to control her like her ex and not be controlled by the shirtless cult pack that he belongs to.
If Bella Chose Jake: If Jake ditched his pack and stopped being domineering, he and Bella would move to Seattle where he would open shop rebuilding classic cars and she’d get a job nursing or  something else productive.  They would never again speak of vampires or werewolves.  Jake, himself, would refrain from phasing and try to live life as a human.  If he felt an urge to imprint he’d get himself neutered.

2 thoughts on “Love Triangles: The Other Guy

  1. He doesn't. But I couldn't help but post that picture. It's Johnny Depp, lol. I'm actually Team Jesse too. But I think Slater is an interesting character that could've been redeemed (though it probably would've taken a couple of more books). The interesting thing about Slater is that I think he's very similar to John in Abandon. I mean, they're both guys who have that bad boy edge. However, unlike Paul, I think John can reign in his potential evilness.Anyway, glad you liked it. I always like thinking of what if situations 😉

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