Trend Spotlights: Hooray for Hollywood

Thanks to those who voted, I will now focus Trend Spotlights on books dealing with Hollywood.   I can’t tell you how much this pleases me.  Perhaps this song will help:

All kidding aside though, I do like reading about celebrities.  Especially YA books about celebrities.  I don’t know what it is about celebrity lifestyle that I find to be so readable.  But I have to say some of my favorite YA books deal with celebrities.

According to one study, the one thing that people want more than anything else is fame.  I don’t think this is accurate in my case, I wouldn’t want to have the paparazzi following me around commenting on the current outfit of choice ( which in my opinion is rather bleak:  pink college t-shirt and khaki shorts), but that’s just me.  I think MTV and the rest of the reality television world  prove this statistic.

So books about celebrities are actually socially relevant since they tell what happens when you become famous.


There will be some (okay, most) people that won’t buy that argument.  But I still think it is one of the viable theories about why Hollywood books are so insatiable.

Besides, exploring fame.  I also think people are drawn to life about the rich and glamorous because they are rich and glamorous.  The majority of history, with a few exceptions, focuses on the elite in society.  Sure, it’s annoying since these people only make up a small percentage of the world.  But everyone wonders what it would be like.  Plus, rich people get into some pretty interesting fights.

Of course, anyone can imagine themselves in Jimmy Choos and being famous, but Hollywood itself.  It has it’s own mystique.  I think there is something to the phrase star power and it’s interesting watching what makes a star or how someone stays a star or for that matter even interacts with stars.

Of course Hollywood makeovers always make these books more enjoyable too.

Makeovers don’t always have to include a shopping montage and haircut to be cool.  Often, characters undergo life makeovers from fame.

So to sum it up,  things I will be look at during this  Trend Spotlights Analysis:

    • Social Issues: Questions will include the social ramifications of fame, how Hollywood changes one’s perspective on life, and life style.


    • The Rich and the Glamorous: Essentially I’ll be analyzing how the book depicts rich people’s lives.


    • Star Power: How celebrity power affects the character or characters in this book.  This category will often overlap with the social issues category, except it will be more character driven.


    • Makeover Montage: I’ll be looking at how good the makeover scenes in these books are and how relevant they are to the entire story.


Alright, so that is the gist of what Trend Spotlights will be about next month if you have any suggestions on books to read feel free to leave them in the comments.  And I will leave you with this.


5 thoughts on “Trend Spotlights: Hooray for Hollywood

  1. Cool, I'll see if my library has it. I did check out The Real Real, which deals with reality TV, but it could be interesting doing a comparison of the two.

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