Trend Spotlights: Hooray for Hollywood Part II: My Double Life by Janette Rallison

Is it just me or does the girl on the cover look a bit like Tori Spelling?  Plus, she doesn’t look half Latina at all.  Just saying…

General Summary: Alexia Garcia has always been told that she is a dead ringer for pop star, Kari Kingsley.  She’s such a dead ringer that Kari and her manager get this harebrained scheme to have Alexia be Kari’s double at little events, so that Kari can record her album and pay off her debts.  However, things don’t go as expected when Alexia falls in love with Kari’s arch-nemesis  and Alexia i has a secret of her own that when it gets out….


This was a really cute book.  It wasn’t really a deep read so much as a fluff read, but I really enjoyed it.

I think probably the biggest problem with it was the pacing.  Certain parts of the novel seemed to be dragged out while other parts were fluffed over.  I was really hoping that a certain plot point would’ve been revealed a lot earlier than it was, so that the aftermath would be explored more.

However, despite the pacing I did enjoy the book.  Alexia had a great voice, was a well rounded character, and I enjoyed how she grew as a character throughout the book.  While the book has a light tone to it, it does actually explore a lot of issues and that’s nice.    It’s honestly the best Rallison book I’ve read to date.

Best Feature: Diversity: I loved the fact that Alexia was half Latina.  In a genre that often feels like it lacks diversity, it was refreshing to have a character that was not Caucasian.  Be that as it may, I sometimes got a little annoyed with Rallison’s characterization of Alexia’s culture.  Take for instance, the use of Spanish in the novel.  While I loved the fact that she included Spanish throughout the book, I got a little annoyed at times because I thought things were overly translated.  For instance, Alexia tells the reader that grandmother means abuela.  I honestly think that context clues could’ve shown what the translation meant, so it seemed a little bit heavy handed.

For those of you wondering about context clues.

Worst Feature: Pay off: Alexia’s secret, which I won’t divulge, isn’t revealed to the last thirty or so pages of the book.  I really wish the big reveal would’ve taken place earlier or at the very least relationships between certain characters would’ve been explored more.

Appropriateness: This book is very sweet.  There is hardly anything inappropriate in it.  There is some talk about drug addiction in the book, but it is merely mentioned.  Also, there is talk about gambling and bad credit card debt, but it is handled tactfully.

Blockbuster Worthiness: Yes, this would be a cute movie.  I would probably watch it.  The book actually reminded me a lot of What a Girl Wants, so I know it would work.  Here’s who I’d cast.

Lexi/Kari: I’m thinking Vanessa Hudgens.  While originally I wanted to cast Selina Gomez, I think Vanessa has more of a Kari look to her.

Grant: Justin Beiber, ah no.  Actually when I think of Grant, I picture him looking a bit like Zac Efron.  And yes, I know you could arguably make a case that Zac is just as lame as Justin Beiber.  But unlike Justin Beiber, I think Zac was worthy of his screaming teen fans.

Alex Kingsley: Jack Wagner.  He sort of looks like the way Alex Kingsley is described and he is a signer.  But I find it interesting that his personal life reflects the book in a strange way.

Hollywood Analysis

Social Issues: Lots of social issues are explored in this book and not all of them involve Hollywood issues.  While Alexia’s reaction to fame is seen throughout the novel.  Her life itself is shaped by fame.  Not to give to many spoilers away, but a big reason who Alexia is who she is, is because of Hollywood.  It’s also interesting to see how Alexia is treated as celebrity vs. being an employee of a celebrity.

The Rich and the Glamorous: Yes, this book does describe celebrity lifestyle pretty well.  I also like the fact that it describe the role of the people behind the scenes.  In a way that was more interesting that Kari’s dysfunctional life that included Becky Bloomwood shopping habits.  Though the Becky Bloomwood-ness of this book is noted.

Star Power: Throughout the book Alexia learns what it’s like to be a celebrity: sort of.  I mean, she’s really a celebrity via poser.  But what I would like is to see what happened after her real identity was revealed.  Read the book and you’ll know what I mean.

Makeover Montage: There is a makeover scene in this book.  Alexia has to have her hair dyed so she can look like Kari after all.  And there is a Rodeo Drive shopping scene as well.  But is it an epic makeover scene…um, no.

Hollywood Hurrah:  I would say that yes this book gives a nice overview of Hollywood but I did want something more.

Sing it Belle, we want something more.

Overall Rating: I’m going to say seven out of ten Oscars.  While I read this book pretty much straight through it wasn’t particularly memorable which is sad because it could’ve been.  It had the potential, it just sort of fell flat.  I will definitely  be checking out Janette Rallison’s future books though.


2 thoughts on “Trend Spotlights: Hooray for Hollywood Part II: My Double Life by Janette Rallison

  1. Thanks πŸ˜€ I really do recommend this book. It is one I will reread, though I have to purchase it first since I checked it out at my library.

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