Dumb Asses in YA

There are lots of dumb asses. The Nostalgia Critic has made a brilliant video of  dumb asses in movies .  However, dumb asses are not only limited to film.  They also exist in YA lit.  And therefore, I think I the duty and displeasure to discuss some of them.

1) Bethany Church from Halo by Alexandra Adornetto: Bethany Church can perform miracles.  She actually makes me like Bella Swan.  I know…  In the history of YA lit though, or at least the YA lit I’ve read, there has not been a character that is as big as a  sanctimonious bitch as Bethie is.  My hatred for her has not dwindled even after months of finishing the book.  There is nothing likable about Bethany and I guess that’s sort of sad considering that she’s an angel and I’m supposed to like angels. I mean, it’s sacrilegious not to like angels right,  but I can’t.  I just can’t.  Bethany has just grated on my nerves to the point of no return.  First she constantly reprimands the use of technology, and I love my Mac so that’s not going to get us to be pals.  And okay, I know that technology has caused some problems in the world, but without technology a lot of good things (like medicine) would cease to exist.  So stop with that shit Bethie. And while you’re at it, stop acting like every kid who wears black is going to hell.  It makes you sound like you’re the prep form of  Tara Gilesbie

I’ve stopped ringing bells thanks to Bethany.

2) Nora Grey from The Hush Hush Saga by Becca Fitzpatrick: Oh, Nora Grey (a.k.a. the girl who thinks it’s okay to date your attempted murderer).  Do we even have to discuss how epically dumb this is?  However, I think maybe Nora can’t help the fact that she’s so dumb.  There’s so many dumb things about her world.  Like the fact that divine powers decided to make said attempted murderer her guardian angel and then there’s that annoying friend of hers…..

3) Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare: Clary Fray think she’s a bad ass, not a dumb ass  But let’s get real here, she’s as dumb as a box as rocks.  Being impulsive is one thing, but being a virtual idiot with no impulse control is another.  I think one of the biggest pet peeves I had with the Mortal Instruments series was her lack of impulse control.  It makes the other  problems in the book look miniscule.  God, do I really want to shake her multiple times throughout the reading of the series.  Stop and think and a lot of the shit that happens in the series wouldn’t have happened.  Plus, I honestly don’t get why Clary continued to find Jace attractive when she thought he was her brother.  

4) Grace Brisbane from The Wolves of Mercy Falls Series by Maggie Stiefvater: Grace reminded me a lot of Bella Swan save for the fact that she chose Jacob rather than Edward, though it should be noted that there are no vampires in this series.  My big problem with Grace is that she trusts everything that Sam tells her without a second thought and then invites him to be roommates with her.  Okay, so this is a very common problem in YA paranormals.  But it really, really, really, annoys me.  Plus, did I mention Grace has “special” feelings when it comes to wolves.  The impression I got from it wasn’t so much dumb as it was disturbing.  

5) Zoey Redbird from The House of Night Series by PC and Kristin Cast : Ugh, Zoey Redbird.  I’m not even going to discuss that name which sounds more hippie dippy than  Cherokee .  Zoey is everything I hate about YA characters.  She’s essentially a Mary Sue that got published who like Bethie is a self righteous twit.  I understand that  when you tell a story in first person characters are going to be bitchy since a lot of the story is their inward monologue.  But people like Zoey, they’re just really horrible people.  Plus, she can’t keep her pants on.  Every boy on campus, save for her token gay best friend, seem to fall in love with her.  Just gag me now.

6) America Singer from The Selection by Kiera Cass: I was tempted not to put her on the list since somehow this book always seems to end up on my pet peeve lists.  But I think The Selection is sort of like Twilight, it just embodies everything I hate including dumb ass main characters.  And yes, America, you are a dumb ass.  You enter into a competition just because your asshole boyfriend tells you to and then he breaks up with you…for what being nice?  So after you whine about this for awhile, you find yourself confiding with the prince and spilling all your little secrets.  America, did it ever occur to you that if you tell Maxon something he doesn’t like this might happen?

7) Alexandria Lee from The Magnolia League by Katie Crouch: Oh, where do I start.  Alex is a piece of work.  First, something I just have to say in all caps: SIZE SIX IS NOT FAT!  Yep, Alex keeps harping about how morbidly obese she is just because she’s a six.  It also doesn’t help that the rest of the morons in the book tell her the same thing.  No, being a six doesn’t mean you have puppy fat.  In fact, a six is below average.  An average American woman wears a size fourteen.  Size issues aside, Alex is obnoxious is so many ways.  Throughout half of the book she talks about how fabulous her boyfriend Reggie is-he’s not he’s just a pothead who calls her Pudge.  Oh, what an endearing nickname.  It doesn’t help that said boyfriend and Alex live on a pot commune that’s just so great because it doesn’t follow the man.  Also, don’t you know, having a grandma who tries to help you fit in and buys you a car-yes, a freaking car- is bad.  But living on a pot commune that’s the sort of life to live.  Give me a break.  

Yeah, Cartman.  I agree.

8) Ginny Weasley from The Harry Potter series by JK Rowling: I might love Harry Potter, but I can’t stand Ginny.  I’m sorry.  And it’s not that Ginny is a bad character.  It’s just that…well, I really do think Harry and Hermione would’ve gone better together and the idea of one big happy Weasley family together just bothers me.  But that’s irrelevant to this discussion.   The point I’m trying to make is that  Ginny isn’t a very bright character. Especially in the second book.  I mean, the girl’s a pureblood she grew up in the magical world, she should know better than to write in mysterious journals that write back.  However, maybe it’s because  she’s a pureblood that she doesn’t grasp the stupidity of her situation.  I’m sure any muggle born who has watched Lifetime television knows the importance of having face to face relationships.  Otherwise, your lover may be doing ten to twenty in  Azkaban.

Essentially change the title to The Boy She Met in the Diary and you have the Ginny Weasley story.

9) Bryn Clare from Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes: While I liked a lot of things about Bryn, she is a dumb ass.  Her impulsiveness almost borders on the stupidity levels of Clary Fray and it doesn’t help that she thinks she deserves to be beaten because that’s just pack mentality.  Bryn, honey, you’re not a wolf.  Therefore, I don’t think pack mentality applies to you.  Plus, I think I remember hearing something on the Dog Whisperer  how aggressiveness does not equal a pack leader.  Perhaps, it’s time to submit Callum to Cesar.

10) Kate Winters from The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter: I’ll admit it, I thought Kate had potential.  But she turns into this angry jealous banshee in the second book of the series.  And then there are her decisions that leave a rather painful cliffhanger at the end of this book.  When will YA heroines ever learn to use…for spoiler purposes I won’t go any further.  The point is, Kate is a character who regressed.  She had potential, but once she got with her YA Love she turned into a Bella Swan in multiple ways.  Plus, is it really necessary to be that mean to your own sister?

Hey, Kate it’s not your sister’s fault your husband’s an asshat.

Well, these are the dumb asses I decided to feature.  Believe me I could continue, but instead I’m going to end it here.  Feel free to comment on any dumb asses I failed to mention or if you agree or disagree with my picks.

8 thoughts on “Dumb Asses in YA

  1. Oh, great list! and I agree with whit you say – at least about the books I've read too, like the Mercy Falls one. and the Goddess Test.And Zoe R. I hate when everyone and their aunt fall in love with the girl for no good reason at all other that because she's the designated protagonist.

  2. Thanks. The sad thing was there were lots of contenders and that I often find a lot of books-like The Selection easily fit the bad cliche categories. I often try to block the House of Night series from my mind, there are a lot of things about that series that bother me. So I find it's better to repress it, lol.

  3. I would have added Bianca from the Evernight series (or at least her character in the first 1.5 books, after that she got a bit better). There were times where I literally had to put the book down because the character was so stupid and her actions were completely nonsensical. I'm glad someone else wasn't all that crazy about Ginny – I always kind of felt like the relationship between her and Harry was just thrown in so that he could have a girlfriend who was already in the picture, but really nothing about her ever stood out or at least nothing that made me understand the attraction.

  4. I vaguely remember that series. I think I stopped reading them after the second one because Bianca annoyed me a lot. And she was dumb too, really dumb if I remember correctly. Yeah, not a Ginny fan. I honestly think the whole purpose of her was to have Harry somehow be able to become a member of the Weasley family. I much would've had Lily been a long lost Weasley or something then go the route Rowling went but whatever. Like you, I think had the character been developed more I could've understood the attraction and relationship. But as it stood, the most interaction that Harry had with anyone of the opposite sex in the series was Hermione.

  5. The series did get better after book two, but yes, Bianca was incredibly dumb – honestly there were parts where I was just shocked by how moronic her actions were. The plot was much more interesting after book two, and it was different enough from all the other vampire books that I kept reading (okay, that might have also been because I had already checked out the whole series from the library and it seemed like a waste to not read them at that point).

  6. LOL, that's understandable. I actually have her Titanic werewolf book in my TBR pile, believe it or not. I was a bit weary buying it but the summary just seemed so interesting that I had to get it. I just don't know if it will be interesting good or interesting bad.

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