Serpent’s Kiss: Melissa de la Cruz

Gorgeous cover as usual.

Melissa de la Cruz is one of my favorite authors, I probably mentioned that a thousand times.  However, even the best of the best can have a bad day.

General Summary: Everything is all hunky dory in North Hampton or is it?  Soon enough the Beauchamp women-and men- find themselves dealing with a great evil and wait for it….pixies.

I feel like I just found out that Santa Claus isn’t real and that the Easter Bunny got ran over by a semi.
Yep, that should tell you how disappointed I was with this book.  Melissa de la Cruz has published some great books.  The Blue Bloods series, for example, just awesome.  Grant it, I do understand why people have grown annoyed with them recently, but I do think the last installment was a definite improvement over book five.   But this book, this book….
Oh dear lord, it read like one of those House of Night books with some Jar Jar Binks and Charmed thrown in.  And okay, I do like Charmed, but this book isn’t like when Charmed was good and Phoebe was with Cole not that freaky  cupid guy and…okay, I am babbling.
Let’s discuss the problems with this book.   Probably my biggest problem with this book was the characterization.  Let me be honest, in the first book I was really found of one only one of three leads (Ingrid).  In  this book I don’t even like Ingrid anymore.  To put it simply, there is some annoying business about Ingrid being a virgin that was used as some weird form of comic relief.
Then there’s Freya.  A character who I’m suppose to like even though my introduction to her was her cheating on her fiance.  But I’m forgetting that she was really suppose to be with her fiance’s brother so that’s okay too.  Besides, Freya there’s her mother Joanna who is suppose to be the most mature/mother character out them all.  In the first book I found her to be boring.  In this book, she was a little bit more interesting, but that doesn’t mean I like her.  I found a lot of the things she did immature and I honestly wanted to slap her a couple of time.  But she was nowhere near as annoying as her son….

Oh, Freddie.  You give dumb asses bad names.  This is a character that is supposed to be a god.  A god who was in limbo for thousands of years and yet is tricked by a weaker god into signing a contract in blood because-hey, that’s how contracts are become a legal enforceable document.  Phh, who ever heard of consideration…

It’s not just his sheer stupidity when it comes to contracts that makes Freddie a virtual idiot.  Take the fact that he was obsessing over a girl for most the novel and then he finds out, well, that there are complications.  And he just gets over it within the span of five pages-obviously, he has not read New Moon.
Pacing in general was a huge issue with the novel.  I think it not only negatively effected character development, but the story itself.  Things dragged throughout most of the book and when they happened, it honestly felt like the book was on acid.  This probably wasn’t helped much either since the pixies (who played a relatively major role in this book) reminded me of Jar Jar Binks.
So, with a plot that just dragged and then dramatic things sudden happened and issues were suddenly resolved, it was really hard to just get into the story and explore what sort of things could’ve been offered in this book.
Best Feature: Norse Mythology: Norse myths are interesting and I don’t know a lot about them.  Even after reading two of these books.  I’m still stating that this is probably the books best feature because it really does make the book unique.  But honestly, I probably found out more about Norse mythology from the Thor movie than I did these books.  Names and certain aspects of the Norse world are merely skimmed over.  Unlike the Blue Bloods series where de la Cruz excels at world building, this series leaves me confused.  I just think there were many moments where de la Cruz could’ve expanded the world building in this book and she just didn’t.
Worst Feature: Characterization:  Horrible.  Just horrible. One of the best things about the Blue Bloods series is it’s characters.  Although, Schuyler has a tendency to be a little perfect, de la Cruz does make her heroine have faults.  And then there’s Mimi who I think has to be one of the best and most bitchy characters in YA.  The same goes with the romantic leads in these books.  But in Witches…the characters don’t have any internal logic.   Freddie just makes a lot of plain stupid decisions, as does the rest of the cast.   Plus, as I said before most of the cast is not likable.  This might be in part because some characters who I want to know more about, like Killian, are pushed to the back-burner unless Melissa wants to throw in a raunchy sex scene in a greenhouse.
Appropriateness: This is an adult book and it really should only be read by adults or older teens.  There are some pretty raunchy moments.  Though the sex scenes aren’t explicit, the way they are handled just sort of has me shaking my head.  There’s some cursing in the book too and some drinking as well.
Blockbuster Worthy: Probably not at the moment.  The extraordinary amount of cheese in this novel, made what was sort of interesting plot smell foul.  In fact, I often felt like I was watching a bad episode of Charmed when reading this book.  Nevertheless, I will cast some more of the roles.
Killian: Matt Bomer.  If there’s anyone who can play Freya’s pretty face boyfriend it’s Matt.  Just look at that face.
Matt: Jeffery Donovan.  He plays a spy on TV so I don’t think it would be that hard for him to play a cop.  Plus, in order to be successful this series needs all the eye candy it can get.
Freddie: I figured even if Freddie was an idiot if this series every did make it to television/movie medium I needed a hot face to dull out the pain.  And Taylor Kitsh would easily do that for me.
Overall Rating: I am giving this book four out of ten broomsticks.  I could’ve given it a lower rating and I was tempted too.  However, despite the cheese and bad characterization, there could be potential for this series.  Grant it, Melissa is going to have to work her butt off for me to actually like this series.

10 thoughts on “Serpent’s Kiss: Melissa de la Cruz

  1. AwwI was really excited for the first book but I couldn't make it pass chapter two or three – too many references to Freya's boobs, its like the author was obsessed with them.I'm sad to hear things didn't improve in this book. I generally like Blue Bloods, some books I actually like a lot, but my one complaint with Miss De La Cruz it that she has a tendency to stretch the taffy. Honestly, Blue Bloods was meant for about three solid books – maybe four – but after a while I started feeling like she was just killing time to make the page count bigger. and that was jus barely, since her books aren't really long.

  2. Yeah, your not the first person I talked to who couldn't get into the books. I had mixed feelings about the first, but I really thought the second one would've been better. Alas, that was not the case.Yeah, I agree the series was stretched out a bit. I feel like there's essentially two series in one. The first ending in book four. And the next story arc which started in book five. Honestly, book five and the half book following at is where I have my biggest issues with the series. I feel like the fifth book was pretty pointless and a certain story in the half book that follows would've solved a lot of my problems I had with it but whatever.

  3. I barely managed to finish the first book in this series, I have to give you credit for reading the second one. I was so disappointed by these in part because I had heard such great things about the author. I love the way that you wrote this review! It was probably more entertaining than the book though. Why is it that I never heard of "The Paper Chase" before I went to law school, and now these same clips keep popping up everywhere! Was I just blind before?–Alicia

  4. Thanks. It's really is weird. Melissa is a better writer than this and I've met her in person and the with the way she talks about writing, I find it difficult to believe that she would write this but everyone has a bad day…shrugs.LOL, I don't know. I didn't even know about the movie's existence until orientation and then it started airing on AMC left and right.

  5. I still haven't seen the actual movie, just the clips that were shown during orientation, classes, facebook, etc. Quite frankly, I don't think I want to see it until after law school is over and I can look back and hopefully laugh. Right now, too much stress 😉 Everyone keeps saying that she is a really great writer, I'm still considering reading the Blue Bloods series, but after reading the Witches book it was pushed to the bottom of my TBR list.

  6. I don't blame you. I don't want to do anything law related when I'm not at school or at work. It's just too much.She really is I love the Blue Bloods series, but if you do read them you need to prepare for the fact that after book four there's sort of a break in the series-i.e. the fifth book sort of sucks though things are starting to get interesting again with the stuff that happened in the last installment. I honestly don't know what she was thinking with Witches though I think the series is doing more harm to her reputation than good.

  7. What year are you? I just finished my first year, which may be why I am still a bit exhausted – and no break in site with the moot court competition coming up 🙂 That's good to know about the Blue Bloods series. I'm debating starting now or just waiting until the final book comes out and then reading the series in one shot. (this is still Darkmoonrose, I just finally bothered to fix my blogger profile)

  8. I just finished my second year. And trust me it's just as-if not more-exhusting after the second year. Hmm, I don't know what to tell you. I know the last book is being released in January of next year. But at the same time there's a lot of information to absorb.

  9. I'm amazing that you have time to start up a blog. I've been wanting to start my own forever, but during the school year I didn't have that much time. I'm hoping to finish the layout and all of that stuff during the summer so that I can only do updates during the academic year. Hopefully that way I will actually be able to make things work out. I'll probably start "Blue Bloods" around December, that way I can just read everything in one shot and I won't have to wait anxiously for the next book to release 🙂

  10. It's stress relief more than anything else for me. Plus, with Blogger the layout is already set so it's wasn't too difficult to start. Though, I honestly didn't start really writing regularly till my second semester second year. Cool, well when you do read them let me know whether or not you enjoy them.

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