Size 12 and Ready to Rock: Meg Cabot

Heather Wells is one of my favorite Meg Cabot characters let’s see if she’s not a victim of the Death Dorm and if Cooper is still hot.

General Summary: As previously stated, Heather Wells is back!  And even though it’s summer time she still has to work cut out for her given the fact that Tania Trace Rock Camp is based out of her dorm building and…well, she’s sort of (well, trying) to plan a wedding of her own.

Review: I was really excited for this book to be released.  I love the Heather Wells series.  Heather Wells is an engaging character, someone you can relate too.  And I love that while the titles mention her size, it’s not what the novel is about.  Plus, she has a healthy body image unlike some books that will not be mentioned. In fact, the novels themselves are mysteries.  Light hearted mysteries, but still mysteries.  In a lot of ways they remind me of Janet Evonovitch’s Stephanie Plum books except there’s no love triangle, random cars exploding, and instead of being a bounty hunter Heather works at a dorm.   The series was originally suppose to concluded with the lackluster Big Boned.  However, Cabot decided to write another book and I have to say I’m glad she did.

I will say that the first half of the book is better than its later half.  Meg reintroduced the character with ease and the mystery was gradually introduced at a nice place.  I like how Heather has grown more confident in herself and how she has grown in her role as assistant director at the college.  I thought the whole college life aspect was handled very realistically.

How I picture Death Dorm looking like.

The later half of the novel is where I had some issues with the book.  Particularly Heather’s relationship with Tania Trace.  It seemed unrealistic which I’ll discuss later on in my review.  Other problems with the book I had were some squeamish talk about sex and lady parts and functions.  There was one joke, I think it was supposed to be viewed as a joke, about drinking menstrual cycle blood that made me want to vomit.  Look, authors I don’t like being talked to about monthly cycles.  It doesn’t work not as a joke or some weird sort erotica thing like it was used in Master of the Universe Fifty Shades of Grey.  Another reoccurring gag I couldn’t stand was the information from Psych 101 class.  For one thing it wouldn’t be called Psych 101-most universities would have  a number for it like Psychology 1300  or something.  Point two, most of the stats that were used in these parts were regurgitated from other Cabot books where the neurotic heroine rattles off her various psychological ailments (see Boy Meets Girl).

Best Feature: Quirky Set Up: The setup for the novel is just brilliant.  I like how the plot is gradually introduced and we are reintroduced to the characters in the Heather Wells universe.  I especially love the whole murder mystery.  It was done in a slightly humorous way that made me laugh even though I didn’t want too.  Okay, long story short the victim dies via cupcake.  And it’s from a cupcake baked by someone on Cupcake Wars.  And the name of the made up cupcake place is called Pattycakes Cupcakes and one of my  Beagles name is Patty Cakes…okay, digressing.
Patty Cakes Beagle is not above giving out poison cupcakes.

Worst Feature: Butt Kissing.  I really got annoyed with how much butt kissing was done by Heather when it came to the character Tania.  Tania, for those who aren’t familiar with the series, is the tart pop star who slept with Jordan when he and Heather were together.  Honestly, while I could understand why Heather would be civil towards her, I didn’t understand why she was as nice to her as she was.  And for that matter essentially state how Tania was better than her with Jordan and was much more talented than Heather ever was.  And for that matter Heather actually gushes over how much chemistry Jordan and Tania have.    It just doesn’t make sense to me.   I mean, I get she’s over Jordan and everything.  But jeez, I still be a little sore with Tania for ruining a ten year relationship.

Appropriateness: Um, definitely an adult book.  There’s some cussing, some violence, some sex.  And then there’s talk about sex, infertility, and some really nasty sex jokes-a.k.a. a song about drinking period blood.  I kid you not.

Blockbuster Worthy: I’d really like to see  these books turned into  a television show. I think it would be fantastic for better terms.  And if I were to chose a writer for the television show might I suggest  Amy Sherman-Palladino, writer for Gilmore Girls and my newest obsession Bun Heads.  I really think she’d be able to transfer Cabot’s work beautifully onto the small screen.  For example, I  see Heather looking like a heavier and more stable version of Britney Spears.  Sans the Louisiana accent of course.

Cooper:  Jeffrey Donovan I think could do Copper justice.  He is, after all, my go to casting option for a guy who is packing heat.

Overall Rating: Six out of ten stars.   I found part of this book to be deliciously wicked reminding me of old school Meg.  However, there were a few things that bugged me about it.  Still though, if you’re a Heather Wells fan you’ll probably enjoy this installment.


6 thoughts on “Size 12 and Ready to Rock: Meg Cabot

  1. Mmm… I think I see your points.I really liked the book but I did feel like Tania Trace overtook a lot of the book, you know?I like Heather and I love Cooper so i was really happy to see them both, but Cooper's family is nuts. And I kind of wondered what Heather ever saw in Jordan, he came off as pretty useless all through the book. I didn't mind that Heather said that Tania had a better voice than her but she did turn around rather quickly from "I hate you for Sharing Your Candy with Jordan" to "Oh, you're annoying but I'll take care of you anyway." All in all, though, I loved seeing the characters again.

  2. I definitely enjoyed this installment if only for Heather and Cooper and seeing the old gang again. The last scene with the ring and Cooper telling Heather he was okay with the no kids thing was beautiful. But the Tania parts and Cooper's family really got to me. I mean, seriously I think that sister who writes songs about drinking period blood is certifiable. But the biggest problem as I said before was with the whole Tania situation. I think I could of handled it better had it been a gradual thing. Or Heather would've been a bit more skeptical about it all. I liked that she wasn't bitchy and slut slamming Tania, but I do wish there would've been a little snark. Plus, while I get Tania has a great voice I'm sure Heather's was pretty good-she did have a hit record and I hated the fact that she was talking Tania up so much. Anyway, perhaps, I'm a little cynical. I've had my fair share of watching awkward ex encounters and I just don't think that Heather would've been b.f.f.s with Jordan's mistress like they were in the end of the book. Plus, while the back story of Tania's was sad it didn't make me like her. And she really didn't suffer any repercussions at all. No one found out her secret, Jordan was okay with it, and she's still going to be happy hunky dory. And even though Gary was a jerk with all the psychological damage he had done towards her there should've been some weird feeling of lost.Okay..I babbled enough. I just finished this book so a lot of these issues are still heavily on my mind.

  3. "suppose" should be "supposed""it's later" should be "its later"Why can't authors talk about periods? It shouldn't be hidden. It's natural and acting like it's a huge, shameful thing is juvenile.

  4. Thank you for pointing out the typos, I will be correcting them shortly. Hmm, I don't mind that time of the month being mentioned when not mentioned in such a juvenile way. Seriously, a song about drinking your own mensural blood doesn't come off as juvenile? Because to me it did.

  5. To Anonymous:I am 29 year old reader of this blog, and I too find the period joke disgusting. Please do not insult my intelligence and maturity level by insinuating that we are juvenile for finding a grossly inappropriate comment, juvenile and off putting. It must be said that I am not a prude/right wing/yoga pant wearing soccer mom. I vote liberal, and have masters degree in the arts. If you are so interested in defending the menstrual cycle and it's appropriateness in a book, I recommend picking up an erotica book. Perhaps that is what mature individuals like yourself should read. I myself stick to lighter literature.To YAL:Thank you for presenting a quirky, amusing, and insightful review site. Typos have never detracted me from your blog. I will continue to enjoy reading this in the future. Can you please review the Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Plum series?

  6. Thank you, Penny. I was starting to think that maybe I was the only one who had issue with that joke. Other people love it and they're entitled to their own opinion, but I really just didn't get it. I'd really like to review the Stephanie Plum series, I love them but my main focus on this blog in YA. However, never say never. By the way are you Team Cupcake or Team Ranger?

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