Quiz: What Meg Cabot Book Should You Read?



FIrst of all I want to say I’m sorry, somewhere in my hapless mind I got my dates confused and skipped my second blog entry for the Meg-A Reader Blog Hop .  Luckily, I am able to post before the event is over.    Having trouble deciding what Meg Cabot Book to read take this quiz and you’ll have troubles no more:

1) Where would you like to live?

A) New York City: The big apple is where it’s at.  You never have to worry about being bored in New York.

B) The Midwest: There’s no better place to be than the midwest.  Good middle American values, corn fields, and classic American cars.  Priceless.

C) California: Surf the waves.  Maybe do some shopping.  You like the laid back life of the golden state.

D) Europe: Who wants to be in the USA?  Europe is the true center of the world.  You like the fact that you can take a train ride and in forty-five minutes you’ll be in a different country.

2) If you were to describe your type of guy he’d be…

A) Super Nerd:  You’re guy would definitely know his DC from his Marvel as much as he knows his PC from his Mac.  And he’d probably drag you to Comic Con too.

B) Mr. Fix It: He can fix anything.  He knows a lot about cars and it doesn’t drive you crazy when he talks about them because you’re too focus on how his butt looks in those tight jeans of his.

C) Batman:  He might not be the most open book in the world.  But he has issues.  And isn’t being a little bit mysterious and Broody suppose to be hot.

D)  Indiana Jones: You want to go on an adventure and your guy will take you on one.

3) If you could have one thing in your wardrobe it would be?

A) Something simple.  Maybe black.  Black always is good.  It’s stylish, sliming, and it doesn’t show dirt.

B) A pair of jeans.  Smart and sensible nothing too fancy, but if they make your butt look good then you’re even happier.

C) A leather jacket.  It makes you look tough and you might get a little cold.

D) A nice Marc Jacobs bag that holds all your stuff when you go on a trip.

4) Would you rather….

A) Be famous and have the paparazzi constantly hounding you.

B) Be bored because there’s nothing to do other than stare at the local corn field.

C) Deal with supernatural melodrama

D) Get stuck in the Dublin airport with a twelve hour layover.

5) One thing that annoys you…


B) City Slickers

C) Humidity

D) Maps


If you chose mostly A’s: You’d probably like Meg’s contemporary novels set in New York.  For YA fans The Princess Diaries series is a must.  Mia is far more snarky in the books than in the movies.  And Grandmere is just a tad bit evil.  Other recommendations include The Heather Wells series, The Boy Next Door, and Girl Meets Boy.
If you chose mostly B’s: You’d probably like Meg’s contemporaries like Teen Idol, Pants on Fire, and How to be Popular.  These novels take small town charm but modernize it.  Also, if you like these books you might want to check out Meg’s Missing series.  Which while taking place in a small Indiana town, is a paranormal novel about a girl who has the ability to find people in her dreams.


If you chose mostly C’s: You’d probably like Meg’s paranormals such as The Mediator series.  Other good reads include The Insatiable books, Jinx, and The Abandon series.

If you chose mostly D’s: You like books with a heroine on the go who’s going to have an adventure far, far away.  Check out Meg’s Queen of Babble and Every Boy’s Got One.  If you’re really feeling for a true adventure go back in time with either Victoria and the Rouge  or Nicola and the Viscount. 


6 thoughts on “Quiz: What Meg Cabot Book Should You Read?

  1. Love this!!! 🙂 Same with Alex, my answers are all over, which I guess means I love them all!! Which is true!! :)Thanks for participating in Meg-A Readers and we definitely hope to have you again next year!! 🙂

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