Do Judge a Book by Its Cover

Today I decided to judge a book by it’s cover.  I picked five random YA books some have been released and some haven’t.  So let’s see how I judge a book by its cover:

What The Cover Tells Me:  Starr used to be a pop princess but lost all her money once the Mouse cancelled her show.  After poorly investing her money and some horrible press, Starr finds herself having to work at Mickey D’s and a slew of other crappy jobs until her agent (her dad) can get her a Lifetime movie of the week gig or somehow can pitch her crappy career at McDonalds as a reality show to Bravo or whoever.  Starr will find that flipping Big Macs isn’t what it seems to be.  Especially since she has a crush on the fry guy of all people.

What the Book is really about: It’s about a spoiled rich girl named Lexi who is forced to do fifty-two minimum wage jobs after her father threatens to cut off her trust fund.

Verdict: The art department was pretty spot on with this one.  I got that it was supposed to be about a spoiled little rich girl without even having to read the cover flap.  Of course, I thought the book was going to be about a Miley Cyrus-ish movie star but honestly I’m kind of glad it’s not.

What the Cover Tells Me: Elvira has sold her soul to fashion.  Now America’s true TOP model, Elvira would love to get out of the thumb of her pushy manager, Max.  However, she finds herself ever bound to him.

What the Book is Really About: This is the sequel to Everneath (a kick ass Persephone retelling).  In this book, Nikki finds herself having to work together with super evil Cole.

Verdict: Once again, I give props to the art department.  The cover itself has a dark edge to it which fits the story.  And even though glamorous dresses aren’t involved in these books.  I love the dresses used on these covers. And I want this book NOW!

What the Cover Tells Me: Ever since watching Ancient Aliens, Chase has been obsessed with finding life outside of Earth and even ends up making a home made satellite to make contact.  To Chase’s astonishment he gets a response back.  A desperate call from a winged girl named Adara to come with her and rescue her home planet.  But is Adara what she seems?

What the Book is Actually About: That idiot Bethany Church and her boy toy get married.  And have to hopefully face consequences for their dumb assery.

Verdict: Well, Xavier’s girlfriend is a paranormal creature.  But Bethany only remembers she has wings on special occasions and I don’t think she could pick him up even if she wants to.  And what is up with that girl’s waist?  Seriously, I get that the model industry is dominated by a lot of thin girls, but couldn’t we try to find someone who didn’t look borderline anorexic?

What the Cover Tells Me:  It was only suppose to be a tattoo.  A showing of the passing of age.  It was never suppose to turn Kayla Brown into a scaly sea monster.  But that’s what happened.  One day she’s the most popular girl in school and the next day she’s a scaly freak and it’s all because of that damn tattoo.  If only her b.f.f. Sal hadn’t been so insistent that she take a walk on the wild side.  Now Kayla is determined to find a cure, but does a cure exist?  And if it does how can she find it when she’s sort of trapped in the water?
What the Book is Actually About: It’s about this girl Tempest who’s half mermaid and mysterious boy shows up on her seventeenth birthday.
Verdict: Pretty telling.  I wish the tattoo wasn’t that big of a feature on the cover because even though it was mentioned in the book it really didn’t play that big of a role in the book.
What the Cover Tells Me:  This book is the ultimate fantasy.  You might not understand half of the stuff that’s going on.  But it’s going to be epic and everyone is going to be talking about it.  And if you don’t like it….well, that’s your problem and everyone is going to look at you weird so you just should pretend you like it.  Oh, and it somehow involves the goddess, Nyx.
What the Book is Actually About: A dystopia version of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, but without the chemistry and cravats.
Verdict: Fail.  I don’t think the cover really connected to what the book was about at all.  Plus, I may have sour grapes but that cover was one of the big reasons I bought the book in the first place.
What the Cover Tells Me: Amber Hirsh has always been sick of being the good girl.  The girl next door.  The forgettable girl.  That is until she gets an invitation to The Illuminate.  A secret society of the elite who take forgettable like Amber and turn them into unforgettable.   The only thing there’s a catch about being an unforgettable that might change Amber’s life forever.
What the Book is Actually About: A forgettable girl named Haven finds herself working at one of Chicago’s premiere hotels and finding out about a dark legacy.
Verdict: Meh.  I think the cover is pretty versatile and it could work for a fairly large group of YA books.  Still though, the shallow part of me loves the dress.

10 thoughts on “Do Judge a Book by Its Cover

  1. I'm actually planning on reading it next after I finish Bittersweet. The book looks really cute. And yes, I really like Disney Channel movies myself with some exceptions (cough, the Avalon High movie, cough).

  2. Ancient Aliens!!!Honestly, that show doesn't get enough credit!! :DAlso, great work with this post, I thought your comments were spot on. I do like the Everbound cover, but I kind of wish they didn't show the face of the girl, 'cause it would be more like Everneath then.

  3. LOL, that show is so bad it's good. Is it sad that most of my favorite shows are on the History Chanel?Thanks.I can see why you'd say that. I still love the dress though.

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