What Would the Characters from Witches of East End Wear?

Melissa de la Cruz is probably one of the most fashionable authors out there in YA or adult fiction. All her characters’ are styled to perfection. So, when I heard that Witches of East End has been optioned I couldn’t but help but wonder how these characters would be styled on the small screen.  It’s going to be a very important job (might I recommend Patricia Field, Lifetime)  And I just had to do this entry:

Freya is the wild child which meant I had more liberties when it came to dressing her than her sister. I tried to make all her looks a little eclectic. Meaning, I tried to give her a little of everything without making her look like a tramp or a crazy cat lady. The left side of the set are outfits she could wear when she’s at the bar. There are two cocktail dress that border on over the top, but on Freya they’d look okay. There’s also a long blue maxi dress that I thought might fit the casual atmosphere of the Hamptons. On the other side of the set are day looks. I decided that Freya wouldn’t be one to stick to just separates and did a variety of different looks for her.  My favorite of the day looks is probably the red jacket because I think it’s a bit out there, just like Freya.

One of the sisters from the book, Ingrid has the ability to heal others and she’s a librarian. She’s a little bit more conservative than Freya. But conservative does not equal frumpy. I tried to make her wardrobe as fashion forward as I could. I think Ingrid would wear a lot of separates that would have business appropriate silhouettes. While the structure of the garment is library appropriate, I tried to make it a bit more fashion forward by utilizing fun prints. There are a few dresses in the set. Notably, a black cocktail dress and a white and blue print dress. I see the black dress being worn more for like a networking party while she could wear the blue and white dress on a date with Matt.

Joanna is Ingrid and Freya’s mother and always think of her as one of those women you want to be your grandma. I think her style is probably casual chic. Hence, why I chose a lot of sweaters.  I also chose pieces that I thought would be easy to move around with but were stylish like the camel colored boots in the set.   I don’t think Joanna would be a dress person, but when she would be forced to but on a dress I imagine it would be a draped one like the one I chose to flatter her curves.


2 thoughts on “What Would the Characters from Witches of East End Wear?

  1. Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've been having such a hard time lately finding books that I can use to make sets with. The good thing about Melissa's books is that they're so easy to visualize especially when it comes to character wardrobe.

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