Do Judge a Book By It’s Cover: More Books

A couple of weeks ago I judged a few books by their covers and I really enjoyed doing that so I decided to make it a regular feature.   Here’s how this works, I look at five books they may be released or not make up a summary and compare it to it’s real summary before rendering a verdict for the art department.


What The Cover Tells Me:  Isla Black is fed up with being the class geek.  So she decides to use her brains to get even.  With a couple of cunning plans Isla finds herself ruling her high school before you can say Mean Girls.  But is being the school’s top bitch all that?   Especially when Isla might be in love with a smart guy herself.


What the Book is really about: This book is actually about a group of friends who are at the top of their class who decide for various reasons (not all good)  to live a little. 

Verdict: Close enough, I guess.  Personally, I find the cover a little insulting and stereotyping.  It’s true some smart girls wear dresses and really bad leggings, but surprisingly there are quite a bit of fashionable smart people.  Don’t believe me,  have you read Suri Cruise’s blog lately?


What The Cover Tells Me:  Just looking at the cover I could see it as a grown up version of Alice in Wonderland and that would be sort of cool.  I mean, yeah it would sort of be like the Tim Burton version of the film but you really could make it your own and less creepy…you know.  Or maybe more creepy if you like creepy.  I think there are a lot of ways you could go with Alice being grown up.  Since this book is called The Selection, maybe Alice is selected to become the next delusional  queen of Wonderland if she can survive one more trip through the looking glass.  However, I still can’t fathom why Alice would be smelling her armpit. 


What the Book is really about: America Singer finds herself participating in this lame dystopia The Bachelor wannabe contest after her boyfriend lamely breaks up to her.  She soon finds herself falling for the even lamer, Maxon.  Now her ex wants to get back together what will she do…read the sequel because it’s not answered in this book.

Verdict: The cover is eye catching and it works enough, I guess.  But I’m not quite sure it works for this book.  Seriously, it would’ve worked better for an Alice in Wonderland retelling better.



What The Cover Tells Me:  Thaddeus  was one too many times a peeping Tom in the school locker room and is now cursed to living his days in stone unless he can find true love.  This is very hard when pigeons constantly poop on you.  It sort of  helps though that Thaddeus comes to life at night.  Though there’s not that many girls who stay at the school at night unless you count that one purple haired weirdo from the Astronomy Club and there’s no way that Thaddeus is falling in love with Ebony Wilks.  And did Thaddeus mention that every night when he comes to life he’s naked and has to make do with the school’s gym clothes (gasps!)


What the Book is really about:  Phoebe’s mom remarries and she finds herself moving to Greece (cool right, I always wanted to spend the school year on the  coast on the Mediterranean).  However, it’s not that cool for Phoebe and I can sort of understand given the fact that the school she is attending is full of Greek god descendants.  

Verdict: I like this cover.  It sort of gives the book a chick lit feel with a naughty edge.  Maybe it’s a little too naughty since after the initial printing the cover has changed.



What The Cover Tells Me:   Ji finds herself stranded in the rural Japan for the summer with her crazy Aunt Mae.  Japan wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t for the creepy Maneki-neko cat shop that Aunt Mae runs.  Ji can’t help but find bad luck when it comes to these cats when they’re suppose to be good luck charms.  That and she can’t stand sushi, anime, or sumo wrestling and she’s in Japan. Will Ji ever find the luck of the Maneki-neko or is she doomed to be cursed by Hello Kitty?



What the Book is really about:  Jas Callahan and her family are vacationing in Vegas when Jas finds herself in trouble again all because of cat.  Now with a mystery to solve and a bad hair day to tame, Jas finds herself in a heap loud of trouble all because of that cat.

Verdict: I actually like this cover.  And okay, it does deviate quite a bit from the book but I think it gives the cover a cooky like feel and the book itself is a bit quirky so it works.




What The Cover Tells Me:  Myra Gibbs is the type of girl that would give Rachel Berry a run for her money.  The things she’ll do in order to win an audition are rather epic.  When new girl, Sasha Coleman, moves to her school and upstages her Myra will do anything to be the one to take that bow.  Even if  it means stealing Sasha Coleman’s voice.

What the Book is really about: This book is about an ensemble cast of characters who attend a performing arts school each of them dealing with their own problems.

Verdict:  Well, the book is about a performing arts school so that is close enough.  However, I wish the cover didn’t focus on one character since the book itself deals with an ensemble cast.


4 thoughts on “Do Judge a Book By It’s Cover: More Books

  1. Thanks I'm glad you liked it. LOL, I actually was sort of inspired by Swan Lake for that particular summary-save for the fact that the swan princess wasn't a peaking tom and she turned into a bird not a statue.

  2. Glad you liked it.Fun fact, Tera Lynn Childs actually stated that the cover was changed because Dutton (I think the books were published by Dutton, I might be wrong) said it was too racy. Though personally I liked it a lot. I like the other cover too :)Yeah, never figured out that one either. It really is a shame though because other than that unfortunate pose it really is a beautiful cover.

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