What Were You Thinking: Bad Boys in YA and NA

Everyone loves a bad boy….except well me.  Okay, I sort of like a bad boy when he’s reformed or a bad boy with a heart of gold.  But some of these bad boys in fiction they’re just douches.  Plain and simple.  So I decided to interview some of YA and New Adult’s biggest douches bad boys and try to get down to the bottom of this bad boy love.

Note: If your sensitive to foul sailor like language this might not be the blog entry to read.

MJ (YAL Book Briefs): Well, it’s time for another What Were You Thinking, kids.  Today we’re going to talk about bad boys (Cheers from the audience).  Oh, yeah everyone loves a bad boy.  Why date a guy who respects you when  can be dating a sexy beast (More cheers while MJ forces to keep a fake plastic smile on her face, it’s a very hard thing to do).  That being said, why do we love bad boys?

Audience Member (Who looks remarkably like your typical “plain” YA heroine–i.e. perfect looking but in a bookish way): Because they’re hot.

MJ (Grumbles): Not this again.  And yes, we know bad boys are hot.  But there are a lot of nice boys that are hot too.  I want to really get why we like them, physical attraction can only do so much in print.

Audience Member: But if movie rights are sold….

MJ: Really, really.  Most books don’t get made into movies.  And before you start going off on a tangent on how R Patz is so hott and that makes Edward’s abusive antics okay, do you know that the guy doesn’t take baths?  Seriously.  You’d like a guy with bad hygiene….

Audience Member: Um, okay.  But what about….

MJ: Never mind, I need to introduce my guests.  And you and the rest of the audience are going to love them.  Because (In best Oprah giving away car voice) they’re bad boys.

(The amount of cheering that is going on is headache inducing worthy).

Now that the cheering has stopped it’s time to introduce my guests.  We have three sociopaths  great guys with us: Patch from Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush Hush series, Daniel from Lauren Kate’s Fallen series.  And of course, Travis from Jaime McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster.  And yes, I know that Beautiful Disaster is New Adult and not Young Adult but because Travis is under the age of twenty, the book is read by lots of older teens, and he’s a pretty controversial sexy character we just had to have him on here.

(The crowd cheers as “Bad Boys” plays over the loud speaker and our guests walk onto the stage.  Since all three are dressed essentially the same (wife beaters and jeans) there’s no need to describe wardrobe).

Travis: Why am I here, bitch?

MJ: It’s good to see you too, Travis.  And it’s nice to see you as well Patch and Daniel.

Patch: Can I kill you now?

Daniel: No.  I have to flip her off.

Travis: I’ll kick your mother fucking ass if you touch her.

MJ (Rolls eyes): Boys, you can calm down I’m not your love interest.  Though I do have to say the attitude is very, uh, flattering.

Travis: I got a tattoo of your name on my ass, Robin.

Obviously, Travis is a little confused there’s no way I could be the boy wonder since I”m a woman.  Then again, Stephanie Brown was Robin for a little while, but still….

MJ: Um, that’s nice…but my name’s not Robin.   I’d really like to ask some questions if that’s okay.

Daniel: I don’t have time for your questions, you disgust me.

MJ: I’m not Luce.

Daniel: That’ s right.  You’re not Luce.  I guess I should like you…but I don’t.  It’s programmed in my brain to hate everyone and to be an asshole.

MJ: Because you’re a bad boy?

Daniel: Exactly.  It’s what makes me attractive.

MJ: Or what makes you a dick….

Daniel: But you like me, don’t you?

MJ: No.  I actually was rooting for Cam.  I didn’t understand you, actually.  I thought you were a little out there.  A bit Tom Cruise on the couch like, but crazier than Tom Cruise.

Daniel: That’s not possible….

MJ (shrugs): I’m entitled to my own opinion.

Daniel: Not if you’re my bitch.  You have to agree and do everything I say otherwise you’d get hurt.

MJ: Why?

Daniel: Because I said so.  And Luce listened to me, didn’t she?

MJ: But that’s because she’s an idiot.

Daniel: Exactly and that’s why we’re the perfect fit.

MJ: So, what your saying is idiots are attracted to bad boys?

Honestly, it does make sense.  I mean, have you read Fallen?

Daniel: Pretty much.

Patch: I disagree with that.

MJ: So you’re saying Nora’s smart?

Patch: She’s in all those AP classes, isn’t she?

MJ: But you tried to kill her and you mind raped her.  Clearly, staying with you is a sign of stupidity.

Patch: It’s not.  It’s true love.  Our relationship defies everything.  We’re meant to be.

MJ: (Shakes head): Seriously, don’t do the meant to be crap. This is not a Disney movie.

Patch: Well, what do you want me to say?

MJ: I don’t know something ratings worthy like the only reason Nora loves you is because subconsciously she’s protecting herself from getting killed by you.

Patch: You really think that’s why she’s with me.  If she is she’s so….

MJ: I never said that, leave Nora alone.

Patch: Why I love her….and if she is using me she deserves to be punished.

MJ: Which means you killing her.

Patch: I never said I was perfect.

MJ (Turns to Travis): Okay, what makes you attractive, Travis?

Travis: I don’t know.  My tats maybe….or maybe the fact I’m in a fight club and no one can beat me or that I have banged every girl on campus and haven’t caught an STD yet or got anyone pregnant.

MJ: Yeah….that’s really attractive.

Travis: You know what you need, Robin, is a cardigan.

Maybe he doesn’t think I’m the Boy Wonder after all…maybe he thinks I’m a bird or Robin Scorpio.  Or someone who likes cardigans. 

MJ: It’s over a hundred degrees outside.

Travis:  Yeah…but I don’t know.  I don’t like the way those other guys are staring at your arms.  It’s creepy.

MJ: Sure….having someone stare at my arms is creepy.

Travis:  Just put on the cardigan, Robin, damn it.  Do it for me before I break something?

MJ: Is that a threat?

Travis: Does it matter?  I’m Travis fucking Maddox.  Just put on the fucking cardigan.

MJ: No.  No.  I’m not going to put on the cardigan.  Seriously, is this why Abby likes you because you tell her to put a  jacket on when it’s a hundred degrees.

Travis: (Doesn’t respond the rage monster is getting to him.  Suddenly, there is no Travis.  Instead…..The Hulk appears.  The audience gasps as MJ looks on horrified as Travis Hulk starts throwing chairs at the screaming audience  before she continues).



Holy Hulk?  Travis Maddox is the Hulk, who knew?


MJ: Fine.  Just fine.  I’m going to end this now.  So, what we’ve learned today is this.  In order to be an asshole you have to be dumb.  Very dumb.  So that his orders don’t bother you so much.  Or maybe you’re not dumb.  Maybe you have some bizarre sense of self preservation that causes you to date an asshole. If this is the case it’s better to get out now, before he turns all hulk on you and is…..

(A chair has hit the camera and the broadcast ends).


Disclaimer: I do not own Daniel he is property of Lauren Kate and her Fallen series, Patch is property of Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush Hush series, and Travis is part of of Jaime McGurie’s Beautiful Disaster series.  And for that matter I do not own The Hulk which is property of Marvel Comics  I am simply using them for a study on why people like ultra violent and face palm worthy love interests. 


5 thoughts on “What Were You Thinking: Bad Boys in YA and NA

  1. The sad thing is the only thing I exaggerate on was the Hulk thing all these incidents to a degree happened in the following books. Daniel flipped off Luce, Patch tried to kill Nora multiple times (the more I think about it the more issues I have with Hush Hush, I think in part it's because there was actual potential to that book but whatever), and Travis repeatedly got mad with the way Abby dressed and gave her a random nickname. Sigh….sometiems it makes me wonder if there are any good YA bad boy books out there.

  2. Unfortunately, in some cases they do. Usually it's unintentional. But in Hush Hush, the hero actively tries to kill the heroine for a good chunk of the novel.

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