Do Judge a Book by Its Cover: Paranormal Edition

It’s time again to analyze some more book covers.  Today, I decided to focus on purely YA paranormals mainly because I think some of the most ridiculous covers in YA are paranormal books.  Often the covers are over the top and irrelevant to the overall plot of the book (i.e. the use of “the dress”).  So let’s see what some these covers convey:
What the Cover Tells Me: Scarlet is a sweet Southern belle who’d rather be making cupcakes all day than planning for the latest debutante ball.  Seriously, she doesn’t get what the whole deal with the ball gowns is.  And for that matter, why can’t she make cupcakes for a living.  Yes, she understands that getting a college degree is important, but Ole Miss isn’t for everyone.  But try telling her daddy that.    Rafe is the suave, mysterious, new boy who comes to Scarlet and offers her a deal.  If she can help him create a special version of devil’s cake cupcakes for the Southern Belle Hoedown he’ll make her dreams come true.  But can Scarlet make a deal with the devil?
Now it all makes sense why trans-fat is evil.
What the Book is About: Anna has always been a good girl, until she meets Kaidan shows up and shows her that maybe it isn’t Anna’s destiny to be a goody goody.  Instead, she’s suppose to be a junky…well a junky who’s not a junky (it’s complicated).
Verdict: Fail.  There is no glamorous evening gown in the book.  I guess the models they got portray Anna and Kaidan well enough, but still.  Can we get a little bit more Bella and Edward?
What the Cover Tells Me: Olivia has always wanted to defy gravity.  Ever since she can remember she has had dreams about flying and she’d do anything to get that feeling.  As time goes by, Olivia starts wondering if flying is just a childhood dream of hers or is it something more. Especially when she starts to sprout feathers.  She starts wondering if it’s something more sinister especially since her feathers are sinister looking.
Sinister feathers mean only two things: black swans and fallen angels.  Olivia needs to watch out.
What the Book is About: In typical YA fashion, Skye meets two guys.  One all good and one all bad.  A love triangle obviously appears and some shit at the end about Skye’s destiny is revealed so that we have a sequel.
Verdict: Meh.  The cover is generic enough so it works but I really don’t get much from it.  Then again, I really didn’t get much from this book.
What the Cover Tells Me: To say that she is mad at her parents is an understatement.  After being shipped off to live with her absentminded Uncle Steve who thinks a bag of Skittles is sustainable for dinner, Angie wants nothing to do with her mom and dad.  But when a package with an ancient red necklace is sent to her.  Angie finds her life changing forever and now she is summoned to face her legacy or let her parents die.
Honestly, it’s not that difficult to see Skittles as part as well balance breakfast if Fruity Pebbles are considered to be.
What the Book is About: Chloe finds herself shipped off to a creepy group home after she suffers from an episode.  Is Chloe really crazy or is something more sinister at play?
Verdict: There’s no necklace in the book.  And I just think the cover otherwise is fairly generic.  However, it doesn’t hurt the book too much since otherwise it’s absolutely amazing.  If you haven’t read this trilogy you should, it’s one of my favorites.
What the Cover Tells Me: Rachel thought she got away from them.  She had adapted to the surface world quite nicely, thank you very much.  And yeah, her hair was a bit of a mess but you didn’t have to deal with wind and shit when you lived underground.  However, there is one mole person that won’t leave Rachel alone, her betrothed Colin.  However, Rachel is done with Colin.  She is your modern day surface teenage girl and she intends to live life to the fullest without her overly controlling mole lover.  However, can  Rachel get away from her mole bad boy especially since she’s….well, in a YA novel?
Disclaimer: Mole people do not look like actual moles.  Do you think the publishing industry would actually allow a book about mole/human romance to be published.  I mean…moles aren’t hot.
What the Book is About: This is the sequel to Abandon which is a Persephone retelling.  In it Pierce has to deal with the consequences of being thrown into the arms of her underworld lover, John, again while trying to make peace with her life on the surface world.
Verdict: Sort of close, I guess.  Though this really isn’t my favorite cover for aesthetic reasons (I really don’t dig the blue floral pattern and Pierce looks like she’s falling out of that dress of hers).  However, I do think the artwork fits the summary enough even though the underworld isn’t technically underground.
What the Cover Tells Me: Abigail is tormented.  It was suppose to be a night to remember at the prom.  Abby had done everything that a girl is suppose to do in order to get ready for prom night.  She bought the over expensive soon to be out styled dress.  She fixed her hair in a style that looked tortured herself.  She even managed to get a date who was respectable enough, but sort of drove her crazy.  But there’s only an amount of torment that a girl can handle especially when her date turns out to be  a merman who is intending on making Abigail his next meal.
Merman like Mole People wouldn’t look like they’re folklore depiction either.  
What the Book is About: Remember that mopey girl, Luce, who did nothing for an entire book except fall in love with a douche? Well, she’s back at some other boarding school moping around again.  Don’t expect anything to happen because the publishers want to make sure that they have enough moping time plot for another two books.
Verdict: It actually fits.  I mean, I wouldn’t want to read this book just based on the way the model is posed.  It looks depressing and that’s how I found the first book in the Fallen series to be: depressing.  I will concede to the fact I haven’t read Torment so it could be better than what I’m thinking, but somehow I doubt it.

2 thoughts on “Do Judge a Book by Its Cover: Paranormal Edition

  1. Ah, shoot I guess I got it confused with another book. I could've sworn that there was some book with a necklace where the author was like there is no necklace in this book and I thought it was The Summoning-guess I was wrong-shrugs. I really do like Armstrong's work though seriously need to start reading the spin off to this trilogy.Ha! Thanks. I figured cupcakes can make anything better.

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