How To Halloween: Bella Swan

It’s almost Halloween-well, in a month.  But since you can order a pumpkin spice latte  from Starbucks, it’s almost Halloween.  And it’s time to start thinking about what to get dressed up as.  Today, I’m going to present you with a costume that is the most fearsome creature you can dress as.

Want to take some guesses?

Well, if you guessed (or read the title of the post) that this monster is the Mary Sue that is Bella Swan, you’re correct.

Below is a set I did for Bella looks.  Note I did two versions a Book Bella vs Movie Bella and I’ll talk about them and what else you need to do in order to make yourself look like Edward Bait below.

The Look

Bella Swan

Bella Swan by yalbookbriefs featuring long sleeve plaid shirts

Movie Bella:  To be honest movie Bella sort of dresses like a lumberjack.  Don’t believe me.  Maybe this clip can change your mind:

Okay, maybe she doesn’t exactly dress like a lumber jack but close enough.  Most of the clothes that movie Bella picks out for herself tends to border on 90’s wannabe minus the acid wash jeans.  In the left side of the  set I tried to find a flattering pair of jeans and a plaid shirt with a pair of boots that aren’t going to make you trample across the woods looking for trees to cut down.  This was harder to do than it looks.  I also suggest wearing a tank top or some cami that feminizes the outfit.  I didn’t use one in the actual set, since the plaid shirt I found on Polyvore seemed to have enough shape to it.  But if you’re not  lucky enough to find a decent looking plaid shirt, do the cami look.  It will definitely keep you from randomly going into a song and dance number about how you like to cut down trees.

I often wonder why the costume designer decided to do this look since the book version of Bella I figured dressed a little more feminine.  I think the look itself was probably heavily influenced by Stewart as well as the fact that I believe that the costume designers thought that by maybe making her look more tough she wouldn’t appear to be the wimp she truly is.

Book Bella:

If you want to be more authentic to Book Bella (a.k.a the right side of the set).  I think you can get away with a costume options.  As previously stated, I see book Bella dressing a bit more softer than the movie version.  I think she’d probably go for loose fitting skirts and jeans and maybe casual but pretty tops.  For some reason, I picture her wearing a lot of lace.  I also picked out a dress that I thought Alice might force her in.  It’s actually rather similar to one of the dresses Stewart wore in the movie.  However, in this case I do think it’s something Bella would wear.  Additionally, I chose a pair of ridiculously expensive sandals to top off the look.  If you want to look really authentic I suggest wrapping up one of the legs in gauze and using a pair of clutches since little Miss Clumsy is always breaking some bone or another.  


Hair: Surprisingly there are lots of shops that sell Bella wigs.  If you aren’t feeling wiggy and are a brunette you can probably pull your hair and a ponytail and reasonably pass for Bella.

Makeup: If you’re going as pre vampire Bella this is pretty easy.  She’s so pretty she barely needs any makeup…rolls eyes.  So of course that means goop it on as much as you can without looking trashy of course (really make an emphasis on those eyes, there’s always talk about Bella’s stupid cow eyes).

Men:  Of course, any Bella look can’t be complete without her favorite vampire or werewolf.  But what if you don’t have a vamp or werewolf at beck in call?  Well, that’s a relatively easy problem to fix

Do it Yourself Edward: If you have a boyfriend, good natured guy friend, or a relative you have blackmail material on and your desperate,  it’s simple to make them look like Edward.  First tell them to refrain from bathing for a week* then apply body glitter.  Lots and lots of body glitter.

Do It Yourself Jacob: This one is fairly easy as well.  If you have a boyfriend/friend/relative who is proud of their chest and willing to wear short shorts, they can be Jacob.  If not you do have options if    you know someone who has an Alaskan malamute.

No malamute?  A Siberian Husky or Wolf Hybrid will do too. 

The Result: With these tips you should be able to be a passable Bella Swan or really any other Mary Sue in YA lit.  If you have a favorite YA character who you’d like to dress up as for Halloween feel free to let me know in the comments.  And maybe I can comply a look for you.

*Note: There is no guarantee that you’ll be able to stomach your Edward after they don’t take a bath for a week.


2 thoughts on “How To Halloween: Bella Swan

  1. I had an Alaskan Malamute, he was all white and possibly the prettiest baby my mum ever had followed (not so) closely by my older sister. Anyway, I loved this, it was hilarious. I love how you determine Halloween kind of how I determine Christmas – for you is pumpkin late, for me is when the polar bear coca-cola adds start to show up.

  2. Ah, I wish I had a Malamute.They are so pretty.Ha, I know. I actually sort of have to celebrate Halloween early this year since I have a paper due the next day.

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