Do Judge a Book by Its Cover: Deceptive Selling

Book covers are often really deceptive.  The sad thing is I often judge books by it’s cover more than I realize some great books that have lousy covers I almost skip over, while I’m more often abused by great cover art.  Let’s take a look at some more covers:
What the Cover Says to Me: Honestly, this looks more like a perfume ad than a book cover.  But I will admit it’s pretty love the purple.  Though I wonder how they got Evie’s hair that way.  And for that matter why did they chose purple?  Wouldn’t pink have been a better color?
What the Book is Really About: It’s the final book in the Paranormalcy trilogy all questions will be answered.  Though I really doubt Evie will wear purple.
Verdict: It’s okay.  It fits in with the other covers.  But as far as the series is concerned the cover probably won’t actually tie in with the book.
What the Cover Says to Me: Did Schuyler get a haircut?  And why is she wearing that flower in her hair?  Honestly, it really doesn’t look that much like a Blue Bloods novel to me even though it’s in its typical style.  Rather, it looks like it’s some romantic comedy about how this girl, Eva, meets this slightly creepy boy, Dan, at the carnival or something.  Why do I say carnival?   Blame the London Eye.
What the Book is Really About: It’s the seventh and final Blue Bloods book guys (well, final for this saga).  We’ll see if Sky and Jack get together and if she can save all the Blue Bloods and all that jazz.  It’s going to be epic (hopefully) or at the very least we’ll get a fashion show or two.
Verdict: It’s okay.  My favorite cover in the series is probably Van Alen Legacy or Masquerade, but it’s definitely better than Lost in Time or Misguided Angel.
What the Cover Says to Me: It’s a JK Rowling book, so obviously it’s the eighth Harry Potter book and Scholastic has gotten so sneaky they’re hiding the cover by even making a deal with another publisher to act like their going to publish Rowling’s new book so no one gets suspicious .  Finally, that horrid epilogue is going to be righted.  Meaning, there is not going to be an Albus Severus Potter because who would give their child that God awful name. Might we hope for a Harry and Hermione hook up or at the very least for the Chudley Cannons to actually win a match?
What the Book is Really About:  From the brief description it looks like Rowling is writing serious literature (i.e. the book seems to be one dead man’s affect on a town).  I don’t know how I feel about this exactly since serious literature usually really bores me unless it’s humorous literature.  But it is by JK Rowling.
Verdict: The cover is meh.  If it was an eighth Potter book it could make up for it.  I really don’t know how I feel about this one.  Even Rowling herself said some of her fans aren’t going to like this book.  But hey, it’s by JK Rowling and who knows maybe it really is an eighth Harry Potter book and we’re getting the wool pulled over our eyes (alas, it doesn’t seem that way).
What the Cover Says to Me: Read me.  This looks like it’s going to be an epic novel that involves star crossed lovers and the Mediterranean sea.
What the Book is Really About: This book really wants to kill you.  I really think that’s what its motives are.  And yes I know books are inanimate objects, but I’m being serious here.  Never did I think I’d meet a character that was worse than Bethany Church.  That was until I met Helen “Heaven” Hamilton.
Verdict: Deceptively evil.
What the Cover Says to Me: Cynthia has always thought of herself as being different.  Maybe it’s because she has an odd birth mark.  However, on her fifteenth birthday Cynthia finds out a horrifying secret about herself.  A secret that will cause herself to disappear within a year unless she can find the cure.  But is finding the cure worth it or should she just let herself succumb to becoming mist?
What the Book is Really About: Yet another Twilight rip off.  This one involving Ireland and Captain Planet.  I fucking kid you not.  Seriously, there is a scene in the book that goes like this.
Verdict: It’s a beautiful cover.  And sadly the cover is the best thing about a book that had lots and lots of potential.

2 thoughts on “Do Judge a Book by Its Cover: Deceptive Selling

  1. Endlessly: Yeah, it does look like a perfume add, but an awesome one! And yeah, Evie would totally go for pink over purple 😉 Gates of Paradise: I like the cover. Van Alen Legacy is also my favorite 😀 and Misguided Angel was just god-awful a cover, the eye sof the chick looked so damn weird. Casual Vacancy: I think I'm one of those who isn't going to like the book. 😛 Starcrossed: Looks like the girl is about to fly off or dive in. In either case, dress will be ruined. Carrier of the Mark: Oh, Captain Planet!!! I used to watch that! Don't care about this book though.

  2. Ha! I so agree with you about the Misguided Angel cover. I don't know what the deal was with the wings. Lost in Time had feathers too which wasn't a good thing. I'm hoping since this cover lacks feathers it will be in vein of the earlier books in the series.About CV. I'm contemplating about whether to buy it or not. I want to but at the same time after hearing about it. It doesn't seem like my sort of book. It seems like something I'd have to read in school and that's never a good thing unless it involves Jane Austen.Oh, I didn't see that about the SC cover. But Helen wouldn't fall since ***Spoiler alert*** she can freaking fly (I know rolls eyes). As for the Ireland Twilight knock off, all I could think of was Captain Planet throughout the last third of the book.

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