Mini Review: Little Life Lessons Learnt from Starcrossed (Chapters 11-15)

There are lots of little life lessons from Starcrossed that I’ve learned let’s look at a few from the past few chapters:

10) Villains that supposed to be super scary and  very dumb and out of place.  And only to serve as a plot point.

9) Marriage isn’t a legally binding ceremony that is often officiate by a religious or judicial official.  Heck, you don’t even have to live together a la common law marriage.  Rather, all you have to do is have sex together to be considered married.  Note, I said sex.  Doesn’t matter if it was consensual or not or for that matter  a drunken one night stand.  You have sex you’re married, at least according to the Ancient Greeks.

That makes bringing someone home from the bar much more unpleasant. 

8) Dads care more about sports than their daughters.  Making them watch a Red Sox game is an efficient way of sneaking a boy in your room.

7) It’s totally okay that your best friend tried to kill you when you were seven.  She was only trying to see if you had super powers you were never going to get hurt when she pushed you off that roof.

6) Your destiny is fulfilled by your name.  If your parents name you Oedipus be prepared to marry your mother.

5)  People wore girdles in Ancient Greek.  Not draped gown like a chiton, but girdles as in the precursor to Spanx.  And for that matter there are magic girdles.  Yes, magic girdles that can turn into a necklace*

Grecian Spanx it did exist.

4) Making up words= speaking teen.

3) Being a demi god isn’t going to make you the world’s greatest detective or for that matter even a functional member of society.  You might have a GPA that’s a 4.0 but people are still soooo confusing. After all, life is so complicated.  It’s really difficult to try to figure out just who might be visiting your girlfriend when that person looks like her (sans an older version), seems to be aware of her surroundings, and has the same magic necklace girdle thingy.

2) If you never reach puberty it’s because of the fates not a serious medical disorder.  And for that matter you’re going to go bat shit crazy guaranteed.  Just a cold and bitter person because you have no man in your life and Aunt Flo isn’t visiting you.

1) You don’t need to learn to fight when you’re invincible.  There’s no such thing as kryptonite in your universe.  And struggling throughout the process of learning and controlling your powers is just boring.  You should be mooning over a boy.  Of course, if someone rips off your invincibility necklace you might have problems, but one of your boyfriend’s various relatives whose names are inconsequential can rescue you.


*Still not sure how that  one works.


2 thoughts on “Mini Review: Little Life Lessons Learnt from Starcrossed (Chapters 11-15)

  1. Sigh, they're pretty lousy life lessons. I actually finished the book today and have a draft of my overall review. I'll tell you this right now it's not pleasant which actually sort of makes me sad in a strange way.

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