Do Judge a Book by Its Cover: Black, White, and Red

Color.  It can do a lot of things.  Sometimes it can make or break a cover.  Also, a lot of the time a lack of cover can help a book look rather outstanding.  Some of the most striking covers in YA involve a cover that is devoid of most color a splash of red ) here and there might be used to elevate these covers to the next level.
What the Cover Tells Me: This cover really looks like a perfume add.  OTT to the max.  I could actually see this book being like  a time traveling romance where two characters a la Somewhere in Time, though I don’t know how that would explain the guy being shirtless.
What the Book Is Really About: It’s the finale to that cash cow series Hush Hush.  Nora and Patch’s love is now forbidden by their very being.  However, will they find someway of being together?  Or will Nora finally gain a brain and realize that being with Mr. J Patch isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.
Verdict: It’s a striking cover.  It’s irrelevant to the book and I hate the way the characters are posing, but I get it.  It  sells.
What the Cover Tells Me: Hades (a.k.a. Hayden Prince) never thought he would kidnap a fairy and take her into in the underworld.  But that’s what happened when he kidnapped popular girl, Perry O’Quinn.  He didn’t realize those were actual wings on her when he told her to jump on his bike.  And he didn’t think that she would totally destroy his gloom and doom castle by turning it into a pink palazzo palace.  Yet, despite the hot pink glitter paint there’s something strangely attractive about Perry.
What the Book Is Really About: This is where that idiot, Bethany, goes to hell.  That’s pretty much what the book is about.  And no, I know hell is not Hades.  Hades is the Greek god of the underworld.
Verdict: I don’t like this cover.  I really liked the cover to Halo, surprisingly, but this one just didn’t work.  Maybe it’s because that whole scene seemed like a bad SNL sketch.
What the Cover Tells Me: Ariel has been told never to touch a mirror.   However, one day she does and finds herself in the Mirror World.  Now trapped in glass Ariel can only hope that someone shatters her prison.
What the Book Is Really About: This girl name Juliette can kill people with her mere touch hmmm where have I seen that before (cough, X-Men, cough).  And somehow or another she finds herself at the center of a war.
Verdict: I like the mirror affect oddly enough.  Sure, I like the new covers a bit better (the fact that it doesn’t include the marshmallow like dress does wonders for it), but I do feel like the mirror affect really did wonders for this book.
What the Cover Tells Me: See the clip below to see what this cover tells me:
What the Book Is Really About: Obviously, it’s no Phantom of the Opera.  This book takes place in two worlds our world and a paranormal world where characters fight to the death to try to gain society notoriety.  Oh, and they breed.
Verdict: I love this cover.  It’s actually not embarrassing to carry this book in public.  I just think it really doesn’t fit the actual book.
What the Cover Tells Me:  The queen must be fed.  Dawn Christian knows that she will be sacrificed on feeding day.  A day where the town’s ruler the beautiful, Queen Adeline, takes in the souls of those who were born on the sacred day in order to live forever.  Dawn doesn’t want to die (obviously), but she has no chance for survival.  Or does she?  A beautiful but ever the cliche boy tells her that there’s a way to prevent herself from becoming queen Botox.  Will Dawn listen to him or succumb to her fate?
What the Book Is Really About: That idiot Bella Swan finally gets everything she wants, plus she gets to change diapers. Oh, and Jacob becomes a pervert.
Verdict: Honestly, this cover is probably one of my favorite covers in the Twilight Saga because it looks pretty freaking epic.  Argue all you want, but a the chess pieces signify (to me at least) that there is going to be some battle of wits going on in the book.  Obviously, there wasn’t.  Bella just ends up getting her way with very little consequences.  Oh, and we get the demon baby.  How could I forget about the demon baby….

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